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You know, since VODA was the first one ever to shoot with a knife in hand:

Hundreds of years humanity has had firearms, and VODA was the first one to develop a system (which he calls EDA/ECK) where he incorporates a knife into the grip of the handgun.  Incredible. If you don’t believe him you can watch this inspirational EDA/ECK video where he’s demonstrating it.

This knife and gun thing is all too high-speed for me guys.  I’m likely to have the knife flipped around somehow and then go to reload and slice open my stomach, then flinch and shoot myself.

VODA put up an amazing blog post about how influential his training is, and how his “inner circle” and him agreed that Dom must be studying VODA videos.

Thoughts?  Ugh this time change has me messed up, I’ve felt off all day and this VODA stink only made things worse.  This best part is that VODA really believes that Dom Raso is a fan, and he stole this. I can’t wait to see Dom address this, and it turn into one of the greatest firearm beefs of all time. It must really steam VODA too that Dom works for the NRA too (Referencing the NRA threat video).

Oh my god, his Woman’s Firearm Guide is absolutely getting hosed in the reviews on Amazon (and color version here).  Yikes that’s basically 72 bad reviews, mostly from people who haven’t bought the book off Amazon.  Should we give these people a benefit of a doubt, and say they probably read their friend’s copy since the book is so prolific?

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Yea this.  This video is the truth:

Hillary-ClintonGun deaths are terrible (mass shootings or otherwise), and so is profiting off all those situations like the mainstream media does.  Reporting information 24 hours per day (a lot of it even wrong or speculative at best) on the minutia of every detail of the shooting in question I find physically painful to watch.  I’m just glad for the most part I can swipe past garbage like that.  I don’t use Facebook (outside of posting memes) either so I can ignore all the fake concern and attention grabbing from people not even remotely involved.



Dom-Raso-NRA#BlackRiflesMatter? NO #AllFirearms matter guys. I do not disagree with any of Dom’s points. The idea of banning guns at this point in the country’s history is so laughable. Efforts should never be focused on talking the rights of good people away, or restricting them for no good reason.  It’s an insult, and a complete waste of time. Is future president Hillary still talking that slick talk? *smh* last time I heard, she definitely is.


High-Security-Wall-SafeI think this could have been better if it went a different direction at 1:27 with the “home defense guns belong in safes” inference.  He then talks about how safety is a priority and says a bunch of great stuff which I agree with.

Yea if you have kids, no matter how awesome you think you educated them it’s probably not a good idea to have dozens of guns stashed everywhere … saying don’t buy a gun unless you already have or can buy a safe to put it in would work fine if criminals would be courteous enough to give advance warning when they were planning a home invasion.

Maybe I’m just reading too much into this one in order to find something to complain about haha.  Thoughts?



Take a look at this very unbiased article from BBC where three blind guys tell their stories of the trials and tribulations of being blind and into guns.

I’ve actually posted about Carey McWilliams (one of the blind guys) before.  Seems like a good guy.

I don’t know who at the NRA pooped their pants over the fact Moms Demand Action didn’t like the NRA’s Dom Raso “Guns For the Blind” video and decided to remove it, but what a WEAK MOVE.  In a hilarious twist, Mom’s Demand Action reposted it (unlisted) on their YouTube page.  DRAAAAAAAmmmaaahhhhhh! ;)  Seriously though why you gotta be like that NRA?  The NRA is supposed to be powerful and take out the anti-gun trash, walking all over Mom’s who “DEMAND” action.  Not cower at criticism.

Thoughts?  You liking all this guns and the blind drama?

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Dom Raso x NRA News:

Blind-Concealed-Carry-GunInitially I found it kind of hard to wrap my head around the concept of a blind person carrying or using a gun.  Since my initial exposure to the idea though I’ve developed the opinion which Dom talks about in the video… there is just no good reason not to let them have exactly what the rest of us enjoy and use to protect ourselves.