dom raso

Dom Raso breaks down the final scene in Jack Reacher:

If you disagree with anything Dom says don’t even bother asking him “Bro do you even operate?” because yes… yes he does operate.

haha the set is funny… barrels, a chain with hook, a ladder, some paper hanging from the ceiling.

Interesting first episode, I like where this is going.  I’ll keep watching.



ALLAHSNACKBAR *KABOOM* could happen any moment:

‘Merica.  Si vis pacem para bellum.

Dom also has a new show coming out called Media Lab:

Dom-Raso-NRALooks like that should be interesting!  I feel like the logo and name could have been better though, because it looks and sounds too generic as is.



NRA is HEAVY on a recruitment push:

NRA-The-Good-GuysThanks for creating the fear fuel Bloomberg *cha ching*! says the NRA :P

Turn that 5 Million people into 10 Million and Join The NRA.

Damn MrColionNoir has that velvet voice; like a pro-gun D’Angelo up in this video.

What did you think about the commercial?


Those signs don’t amuse me.  Dom Raso doesn’t play that either:

Dom-Raso-NRAI always just assume whatever gun (usually a revolver or a 1911) which is on the sign, are the ones that are banned.  Others take a “Concealed is concealed” approach.  I’ve heard that in some states those signs aren’t even LAW anyway.  It would be like putting a “no blue socks” sign up in your store… sure you could ask people with blue socks to leave the store, telling them their money isn’t any good there, but it’s not like you can press charges or anything.

Thoughts?  Do you spend money at business which have those dumb signs?


Dom Raso x NRA News:

Yea exactly, from what I’ve heard / seen, thugs use hi-points, llamas, lorcins etc…   Mainly I’d assume because they are cheap, easy to get, and most importantly easy to conceal.  Walking around with a 3ft long AK-47 when you’re trying to duck the law isn’t exactly a great plan if you want to stay out of prison.

Holy Jerry is huge!  I bet he’s got a cool ironic nickname like “Little Doorkicker”.

Dom-Raso-NRA3:24 – So Dom’s friend would admittedly lock up regular citizens for stupid shit like high (standard) capacity mags if the laws changed?  *sigh* I suppose him and his family need to eat. I’m not a fan of that kind of thing though.  I wish law enforcement would band together and be like “UHHHH no.. these people are not the problem. You politicians can go get your hands dirty and arrest harmless people if you want, but we’re not doing it.”



About the mainstream media doing what they do best:

One of the worst things is when they get shooter names wrong.  I forget the last time that happened (maybe Sandy Hook?  Boston bombing?) but all I remember is some kid was up on the news then a while later they were like “Ooops, it was someone else who killed all those people.. oh well here is his name”.  I really hope the times that has happened resulted in the news outfits being successfully sued for millions of dollars for temporarily ruining a person’s life, not to mention the long term effects because of the internet being “forever”.


Side note I’m glad to see Dom still rocking the face armor.