domestic violence

This is how it would go down:

Joe-Biden-Finger-PointThe scream and bad acting made it corny, but you get the point.  Shout-out to junior for rocking the ill throwback Ninja Turtles T.

This is another parody of the Everytown For Gun Safety video I posted a couple days ago.


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You saw the original video yesterday on here:

I titled the post 911 Help My Ex Is Trying To Break In And I’m Defenseless for a good reason.  Thankfully someone with some mashup skills shows what should have happened by combining it with a Glock promo video at the time when the door got kicked in:

Glock-R-Lee-Ermey-GirlfriendYea that’s more like it!

Thanks Everytown for making up such a convincing ad which will drive people to want to own a gun.

Thoughts? Note: Apparently there was a better version up yesterday but it got flagged then removed :(

Hat tip: Dawud


AmidstTheNoise with another NRA news vid:

ACK I wish I could turn that background music off!  Interesting that 60% of the 56 mass shooting studied involved or started as domestic violence.

15.5 Million children witnessed or have been the victims of domestic violence.  Ban domestic violence! (For real… if that only work work.)  Too bad people who wanted to commit domestic violence would just do it through the domestic violence loophole that would be discovered.

Those stats are really sad :(  The reason for the exploitation of child murders involving guns is an obvious one though. Sadly the way the media works, they’ll continue to make boat loads of money off disgusting incidents gun violence rather than report every time a kid gets beaten to death etc.. because the latter is normally not as “interesting” to people, and can’t be spun into dozens of related stories for weeks after.  Obama needs to do something about that.  What good does it do us to know the name of the killer and what kind of video games he had, and what cereal he ate daily for breakfast which obviously made him a killer?  A media gag order is obviously a huge 1st Amendment violation, so I don’t know what the solution is.  It’s unfortunate that good morals and big money rarely meet.  Holy shit, I just blessed the post with that original quote… *goose bumps* *mic drop* I’m out.