This is what happens when a bro gets old:

That was the initial video that sparked controversy.

Here are a couple more firearm related videos from him, including a non-apology for the first video:

My-New-Haircut-broski-yaegerYou can read more about the videos over at Gawker.

Real classy guy as you can see.  That is the exact type of person I wouldn’t be able to spend more than 30 seconds around without needing to leave the area.  I’m jealous of those NFA items though, especially that drop in auto conversion for the Glock.


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Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Most companies appreciate my douchy 2nd Amendment philanthropy:

Just wanted to say a quick “thanks Mike” for the click-thru traffic yesterday and today!

While I’m sorry that you seem to think our (legal) idea is “probably the stupidest idea you’ve seen in a while”, I am glad that some of your comment-posters don’t have that same opinion.

We will continue to do what we can to draw attention-to and support-for the 2nd Amendment as we know you are in the habit of doing also.

Thanks again for the publicity, even if you didn’t like the idea.

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Haha there you go… That was in reference to Defacing Money Like A Douchebag In The Name Of The 2nd Amendment.

Every time I criticize a person or a company, many of you blow up the comments or email me in outrage.  That said, many of you also agree with me. Neither case really matters, because this blog is about my opinion, and the truth is whether it be in favor or against whatever I’m talking about most of the companies or people I talk about in those posts genuinely appreciate the exposure.  There’s the occasional person or company that takes it really personally at first, but they usually end up coming around (or I’m assuming at the very least, forgetting about it anyway).  All sorts of personality types and egos out there, that’s bound to happen occasionally.

I normally don’t ever hear from the really big companies (Glock, Hi-Point etc…) because I think so far they would prefer to distance themselves from guys like me.  For example July 17th, 2012 or as I like to call it “Black Tuesday”, Glock even quit following me @GunBlog on Twitter because I imagine they didn’t appreciate my relentless humor.  The unfollow was enough to know I’m doing my job ;)  If Glock only knew how many people I’ve put onto their magical firearms… I seriously don’t shut up about them if you get me going.

In the end I believe we (douchebags, companies, and other tactical individuals) are all on the same side, which I think can basically be summarized with a sentence like: “Don’t mess with our freedom and guns.”

ENDO LogoAnyway, just thought I’d share that.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.



I’m apparently “nice” on twitter:

If only there was a site that would rate the blog… i’d probably be an 11.

What’s your twitter douchebag score?  Post it in the comments.

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And apparently if you call him a coward to his face he would “break your fucking back” (3:55):

Yea whatever tough guy, go put some more photographers down range.  I really have no opinion on his actions in Iraq, because frankly I don’t really even understand 100% of what’s going on in that Edinburgh Risk video in question anyways.

Here are two solid reasons why James Yeager Is A Douchebag:

  1. Putting photographers down range is retarded. Don’t even bother trying to convince me otherwise.
  2. The “I’m tough and I swear, fuck you if you don’t like it” attitude is so junior high alpha male.  No one is impressed.

Interesting marketing plan though… talk shit on the internet to piss people off and then people with blogs post about it and forums shit a brick over it.  *slow clap*

He really needs to see a doctor about that shoulder roll… I swear it’s getting worse.   Just to put it out there, I’m concerned.

Basically the only thing in that video that James Yeager and I agree on is that Kenny Powers is a great TV show character.



No one has ever died or been injured from blanks though right? *eye roll*

Whether you hate on him for his shooting technique, trigger discipline, that dumb looking hat/scarf combo, or the “I’m gifted” t-shirt… I think we can agree he’s a douchebag.

Also, few things piss me off more than when I see someone pulling the trigger so fast and not even counting their rounds and then continue to pull the trigger long after the magazine is empty.

Isn’t it the “props master’s” job to make sure idiotic displays like this don’t take place?

Hat tip: DFHD


If this is as real as it looks, someone needs to knock that guys teeth back into his throat.

I love how his classmates look like they don’t necessarily like what he’s doing, but they don’t do anything to stop him.

Every class has some loudmouth douchebag.  If you can’t think of who it is… then I’ve got bad news for you, it’s you.

Hat tip: Bryan

UPDATE: This video was staged.  It’s actually for a PSA that was never used.  Info – HERE