down range

This guy:

Looks like the old guy in this piehitting duo.  *smh* some people.


“cool story bro” basically summarizes this video.  Just when I though VSO was completely done with their past Darwin worthy shenanigans… oh well we had a good and long run at least. Check this asshattery:

0:26 – Oh at first I was like “Huh, what does PC: Sonny Puzikas mean?”… Against my better judgement I assumed that there would just be no way VSO would use Sonny Puzikas to justify this, considering Sonny was the one who SHOT SOMEONE negligently while training.  In case you don’t believe me regarding the cross promotion / endorsement, here is a link to the Sonny Puzikas facebook post where he posted that picture.  The needle was already pointing at the maximum mind-blowingly retarded section of the meter, but VSO hit the turbo with this; the needle bent and broke.

1:18 – Ah the no-look derp scan.  There it is in all its glory.

3:03 – Oh and here’s the “real life situation” justification, right on cue.

To make this video more similar to the original video we all got butthurt about, Spectre’s shooter should have been in a wheelchair attempting to shoot while someone was shaking and rattling him unpredictably from behind.  Oh right… Spectre wouldn’t want to stand down range when that kind of random shit was happening. heh.  If you want to call standing in front of the line of fire less than 3ft from where bullets are impacting “safe”, then be my guest.  Ultimately Darwin will have the last laugh, because you’re not going to be lucky forever.

Thoughts?  You operator / man enough to live on the edge like Spectre?


Camera equipped drones / quadcopters.  A Texas shooting range tries one out:

*scoff* like a machine with a camera on it could do as well as James Yeager’s Jay Gibson. PREPOSTEROUS I SAY. *eye roll*

They got some cool footage in the video.   If we’re talking camera equipped quadcopters, and you care about this topic… this is a must see:

bubbles-trailer-park-boysThey mounted a Phantom Flex4k on a custom quadcopter!  So much carbon fiber I love it.  BrainFarm (the guys in the above video) is actually the company to made the Zev Tech video I posted about recently.



Trident Tactical Solutions no only provides stern jostle on jostle training , but they also do this.  This shit… this shit right here:

“Please take gun safety seriously & do not attempt these drills.  We perform these drills to only prove what we train.  During out training videos we have medial personnel on standby.”

So the “runner” doesn’t have rounds in his handgun… cool story bros.

“During this video the steel target was fifteen feed from the runner, 5 feet behind, and turned at 25 degrees.”

HOW ON EARTH IS THIS NECESSARY?!  Please convince me there is just no other way this could have been done without live rounds and someone being in front of the muzzle.  Additionally, is it good to be so comfortable that you’re willing to go down range breaking the 180, going in front of live fire?  These are the type of derps that keep me up at night.

From overkill556x45 in the previous jostle post on these guys:

Ok. I was done commenting, but I watched another video. “Proper Magazine Exchange”. Mr Pike shoots ” 25 degrees” offset from another instructor, a distance of about five feet by his own description. Shooting LIVE ROUNDS at his co-instructor. Nope. Just nope. There’s no reason at all to do this. None. Massive risk for no reward. You could do the 21 foot drill with your co-instructor standing 90 degrees and rushing from a safe angle. Or just spend $250 on hardware store parts and build a 21-foot drill rolling target and have zero humans at risk. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen “Tueller Drill” target schematics online for free.This is another Sonny Puziakas accident waiting to happen.

Also, at the end of the jostling video, the student’s muzzle goes 180 degrees up to the sky. What if he’d cranked off a round–or even if there’d been a slamfire and a projectile left at a 30-degree angle? What if that bullet came down in the postman, or little Timmy, or someone’s windshield. Talk about a rectal exam! I hope you’re insured. This can’t end well. The “big-boy pants” argument doesn’t fly with me for either of these drills.

haha yea that’s what I’m thinking too. *smh*

The best part is that the conclusion of the video in this post is that – Looking down (away from your target) to change your magazine causes you to lose track of the threat.  Oh yea? No shit sherlock.  Did you really need to waste ammo and endanger a life to science that one? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Trident-Tactical-Solutions-Down-RangeI’m going to plug these guys again and say you should definitely hit up Trident Tactical Solutions if you like what you see in the video.  They will jostle you, they will serve your forward of the muzzle needs, and probably a lot of other needs you didn’t even know you had.


Gat tip: overkill556x45, no uno


It’s clear that I’ll never be operator enough to understand the point of this:


Check out the full video – HERE

What you’re looking at is a screen shot of FXhummel1 shooting his AK with a photographer snapping away no more than a few feet from him and the target.  This has been going on at Buck Yeager’s Tactical Response training school since 2009 (and probably before) for reasons none other than “buy a killer photo of yourself, and an autographed shirtless photo of Yeager after in the gift shop bRah” as far as I can tell.  Well I’m assuming he actually gives the students the pictures, or puts them up on his forum or something… either way it’s retarded.  There is no waiver in the world you could get me to sign that would make me feel comfortable shooting that close to a human being just for “fun”, considering a <$20 remote camera trigger and a tripod would suffice.  Hell I can even hook my tablet up to my digital SLR, adjust all the settings and focus… zoom etc… from it.  Hell even GoPro cameras look decent now and they are cheap enough that it doesn’t matter.

This next screen shot is from 3:14 where FXhummel is doing move while shooting maneuvers around those plastic drums.  He’s shooting… his guy in front of the muzzle the whole time:


It’s sure lucky that guns and ammunition are so clean NOTHING besides the shiny bullet and clean air come out of the barrel.  Also, there have never ever been accidents at shooting ranges even with professional shooters so I’m sure no one ever has anything to worry about.

It’s funny I actually starred the video in my reader to watch someday when I had a chance, but I got two emails today from people who were outraged and said they unsubscribed to FXhummel because of it.  I really don’t get the whole “I unsubscribed!” thing… but people seem to like to tell others they did that because it shows how mad they are.  Like when people tell me they are never reading my blog again after I say something that pisses them off… LOL sure buddy, I’ll pour out some liquor and try not to drown in my tears every time I think about losing one reader (who most definitely is silently coming back daily anyway).


FXHummel1-ENDO-Defend-FreedomFXhummel is wearing a handful of different ENDO Apparel t-shirts in the video you can hit the link to pick up if you’re interested.

Hat tip: Antti, Jerrod


Capturing the action, while trying to stay alive.  The lord’s work really:

What company insures people that do retarded unnecessary jobs like this?  I hope they raise his premiums to 3x his yearly salary just so he might get the point that there are devices that will put him 100% out of harms way, and he is an idiot for trying to make a career from “oooooo look at what I do to get a good picture”.

0:28 – As a professional I carry the 70-200 is [virginal ???] for the range.  This allows me to keep a safe distance from the shooter being unobtrusive.

Sure he is not physically in the way of the shooter, but he is still way in front of the muzzle at 0:28, 0:33, 0:46

You know what though… I’m just being my usual asshole self.  We all know there has never been an accident by a professional shooter at a shooting range.

1:01 – And remember, learn to see the light.

I can’t help by think that’s some sort of reference to dying while standing downrange photographing people who are shooting.

Perfectly safe according to James Yeager.   To quote his ridiculous response video “It’s a scientific fact that true safety does not exist”. *eye roll* I think I actually may have read that in my Troll-sci 100 textbook back in highschool.

Panty-o loves to troll (most of the time by accident though I’m pretty sure).  You might remember Russian operator Sonny Puzikas’ AK Finesse video I posted about which went poof soon after.  I don’t think anyone saved it, so all we have is that glorious screenshot.  Oh and guess what… as I pointed out earlier in the post that guy ended up negligently shooting someone.  Who would have ever thought something like that could happen?

Despite those goofy Tour de France type brand sponsorship shirts, the ridiculous Nikon pink camouflage hat, and the fact he doubled down on paracord bracelets and threw some other rubber ones in there for good measure, Yamil Sued seems like a likable guy.  I just hope he tells his wife and kids he loves them before he goes and voluntarily puts himself in front of muzzles to get pictures which people are going to look at for 1 second and go “Hmm, neat.”.


Hat tip: Jason