There isn’t too much Will Ferrell comedy I’ve seen that I didn’t like. In fact, not too long ago I re-watched a few episodes of “Eastbound & Down” (killer show btw.. you can buy Season 1 on Amazon if you want), and was laughing at his role as “Ashley Shaffer” the white haired owner of a BMW dealership.  Danny McBride who plays the main character “Kenny Powers” is priceless.


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1) It takes him around a minute to figure out how to get the magazine out of the Ruger Mini-14

2) His scope is upside down (54 seconds.. notice the knob)

3) Racks the bolt (43 seconds) … pulls on the magazine… pushes down on the magazine.. still wont come out… drops the bolt (1 minute 4 seconds).. fumbles around some more and finally gets the mag out, but chambers a round and sets the gun down in the process.