0:30 – Incredible… there it is.  Getting footage ahead of the line of fire is literally the most alpha thing ever.  This guy definitely got a hug after, and maybe even a “awe, you’re sweet” from the girls.

1:31 – What’s this supposed to prove, other than having a full size AR-15 awkwardly stored at that position inside a vehicle isn’t feasible to deploy at a “threat”?

It’s so “modern training” that everyone would need to be all up in her vicinity filming and pretending to be there for safety.

3:42 – This is how you get chicks.  You let them do it, and you patronize them with “Oh nice job sweetie, you’re doing really well!”… then you say “mind if I give it a shot?”.  Then you proceed to mop the damn floor with them.

4:10 – Her and Trish are first timers in the vehicle gun fighting game.

6:20 – She needs one of those deRptastic glass breaker attachments.  They all do actually.

8:49 – Yesssss Toni has a Spartan head / punisher logo on her shirt.  Holy that Alpha sheepdog in the background has a full back logo of the same thing.  Glorious.

White knights be like “U shUldnt DiSckuRage FemALes FrOm ShOoTinG.  U R juSt JealOus.”.

Gat tip: MK

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THE GAUNTLET!  Wow… just wow:

And I thought putting stationary photographers downrange was ridiculousthis guy is WALKING AROUND in front of the shooting line while they are shooting, with rounds whizzing past his head!  These guys operate too hard… I would have tapped out long before that test.

0:42 – “For many recruits, this drill is to extreme and they drop out of training.” –  Uhhhh… they were probably like “So you mean to tell me we are shooting next to our instructors head JUST BECAUSE?… you guys are retarded, this wasn’t in the brochure”

I’m looking forward to seeing if the comments on this post are like the other ones I did on people downrange… A lot of commenters saying they would leave the premises, but surprisingly others claiming it’s perfectly safe.

DerpI would use the Buck Yeager Approved picture, but I’m not even sure he would approve of something so asinine.


Hat tip: Van


Capturing the action, while trying to stay alive.  The lord’s work really:

What company insures people that do retarded unnecessary jobs like this?  I hope they raise his premiums to 3x his yearly salary just so he might get the point that there are devices that will put him 100% out of harms way, and he is an idiot for trying to make a career from “oooooo look at what I do to get a good picture”.

0:28 – As a professional I carry the 70-200 is [virginal ???] for the range.  This allows me to keep a safe distance from the shooter being unobtrusive.

Sure he is not physically in the way of the shooter, but he is still way in front of the muzzle at 0:28, 0:33, 0:46

You know what though… I’m just being my usual asshole self.  We all know there has never been an accident by a professional shooter at a shooting range.

1:01 – And remember, learn to see the light.

I can’t help by think that’s some sort of reference to dying while standing downrange photographing people who are shooting.

Perfectly safe according to James Yeager.   To quote his ridiculous response video “It’s a scientific fact that true safety does not exist”. *eye roll* I think I actually may have read that in my Troll-sci 100 textbook back in highschool.

Panty-o loves to troll (most of the time by accident though I’m pretty sure).  You might remember Russian operator Sonny Puzikas’ AK Finesse video I posted about which went poof soon after.  I don’t think anyone saved it, so all we have is that glorious screenshot.  Oh and guess what… as I pointed out earlier in the post that guy ended up negligently shooting someone.  Who would have ever thought something like that could happen?

Despite those goofy Tour de France type brand sponsorship shirts, the ridiculous Nikon pink camouflage hat, and the fact he doubled down on paracord bracelets and threw some other rubber ones in there for good measure, Yamil Sued seems like a likable guy.  I just hope he tells his wife and kids he loves them before he goes and voluntarily puts himself in front of muzzles to get pictures which people are going to look at for 1 second and go “Hmm, neat.”.


Hat tip: Jason


They got a TON of flack for it in that one video that surfaced a while back, so I thought they quit:

Well apparently not (starting at 0:10 in the above video):

Same photographer as the first time?  Or did that one die and this is his replacement?

I know some of you probably think this is perfectly reasonable, and agree with James Yeager’s original response video to the incident.  I may not be a tier 1 operator, but I honestly think that above picture showcases one of the most retarded things you could possibly do at a shooting range.

The video I embedded is by a new tactical youtube couple “Cory & Erika” which blog reader Kurt put me on to.  The online gun community is pretty smitten over Erika for good reason, and they give Cory a rough time about her in a lot of the comments.  hahah internet.  Cory seems like a really good guy though, so I ain’t mad.  Plus he’s quite high-speed, so at least she didn’t go for some douchebag.  From the few videos I watched Erika can shoot really well, and has a good time, so that’s always nice to see.

Make sure to check out Cory & Erika’s youtube channel – HERE

Let me hear what’s on your mind in the comments.  Are you willing to shoot with a photographer down range?  Would you BE that photographer?

Hat tip: Kurt A.


According to the training school’s owner James Yeager, what you are about to see is perfectly safe.

The video is from 2009, but goes perfectly with my stupid training videos series:

His response video is equally as impressive *eye roll*. WTF?

Yeager pulled the 1st vid off youtube after much criticism, yet in the response video he’s quite clear that he thinks it was perfectly safe.  Whatevs bro… This is exactly why we need to save youtube vids, because otherwise lolz like this are lost forever.

“putting someone infront of the firing line makes people safer” – James Yeager

James Yeager’s school is called Tactical Response, you can check it out – HERE   Maybe if you take a class from him, you’ll get a chance to spend some time downrange while your classmates can shoot 2ft away from your head.  Maybe James will even spend some time down range while you’re shooting… why not? it’s safe right?

Maybe he’s not aware, but most camera’s come with remotes now that you can trigger the shutter with the press of a button. Life is cheap I guess.

Hat tip: Brent S.