FPS not really making many videos lately.  Here’s a new one though:

FPS-RussiaWhen he’s launching the barrels he said used this video as inspiration (GOODBYE SHOULDER! haha).

Are people actually buying this DP-12? I don’t think I’ve seen even once on a forum or anywhere else where someone has said they own one. I just automatically assume when a famous YouTuber make a video with it, they were either paid + given it for free… or at the very minimum just given it for free. 6 million+ subscribers probably means he doesn’t have to pay for any gun related stuff at all.


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Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-Parody0:14 – Hotter than a mofo out there.  Dude sweat a city skyline on that hat, looking like Dallas TX.

0:28 – Holy crap… not even 30 seconds into the video and he’s already raining blows of slow motion to our faces.

0:44 – AHHHHHHHHHHH the marketing is taking control of my body… my hand is going to my wallet… About to buy twelve of these things and I don’t even know if Larry is going to say they suck or not!!!!

1:37 – Those speed cuts he put in the wood on his 870 are looking one hunnid.

Larry-Vickers-Hover-Sunglasses15:46 – Larry talking about trying to force some failures here by replicating real life use scenarios

19:34 – Talks about G6Vids’ problems, but doesn’t mention his name.

ZERO ISSUES. Did Larry get paid to make this review?  Did Larry use Crisco for lubrication in this video? Does he still use FireClean?  Three of the major unanswered questions on my mind.


You homeslices ready for this one?

Normally I don’t post teasers because they are a waste of time.  This one has me charged up though because he did a nice job on it.  I can’t wait to see if his DP-12 is as underwhelming as Andrew’s from GY6vids, and if Larry Vuitton points out the same design flaws.

DP12-ShotgunLOL 0:23 it shows there is a QR-Code for the gun’s manual printed on the side of it.  Laaaaaaaaame.

I wonder which lubricant Larry is using on this DP-12? *snicker*

Larry is #1 in the game right now for slow motion footage.  His camera angles and shots are bananas.  If you don’t agree tell me why, and I’ll take your reasons into account.



Andrew from GY6Vids:

I’ll say it again, I absolutely loathe reviews…. except apparently when Andrew does them!  They don’t feel “paid for”, they are casual, informative, and often funny.

That shotgun is a BEAST.  Definitely some pros/cons over the KEL-TEC KSG.

Shooting starts at xxxx if you’re impatient.

5:52 – “Field strip”.  I’d hardly call that a field strip when you need multiple screwdrivers and a place to put all the bolts.

8:32 – Yikes.. off to a bad start with a malfunction.  Seems like a common double barrel shotgun problem.

BraveTheWorld-Shotgun-TanktopShells ejecting down towards your crotch!  Definitely can’t operate naked in it – 1/10.

10:59 – Nothing a regular shotgun wouldn’t have done.. but still cool footage of course.

17:21 – WOW… that is a GLARING DESIGN FAIL. *smh*

I still really don’t want a DP-12, but looks cool though. $1500 also, so there’s that.  Definitely not Remington 870 or Mossberg 500 reliability.



One of Weapons Education’s least annoying vids yet, so I’m posting it:

Here’s the info sheet on the shotgun:


As you can see CTD is the “exclusive” (you have whisper it) distributor for it.  I hold grudges and still think that company is a piece of shit for raising all their prices whenever the market changes so I’m not linking them, but you can google their URL if you wish and search for the shotgun.  There is a listing for it on the site, but it’s seemingly not available yet even though in the video the rep said they have sold 30,000 units pre-order.

I remember when I had 3rd party advertising on the site, and people used to email me to bug me about how CTD ads would pop up.  In hindsight I probably should have told the ad company to remove their ads, but I always thought it was funny because I talked so much shit about them and they still were OK with advertising on my site.  Damn I just realized this post is a free advertisement for them… shit.

So this shotgun….A novelty?  Absolutely.  Cool?  Absolutely.  For the $1400 price tag I’m sure people will want it as a Kel-Tec KSG alternative… as long as it works better. Definitely similar looking… so much so I bet Kel-Tec is pissed off.