Yesterday I talked about the painful combination of an AR-15 and an AK in the movie Echelon Conspiracy.

Today, SayUncle pointed out that this is not the first time such a thing has happened.  Behold this store advertisement:

Pretty funny back story on the picture.   One of SayUncle’s readers who goes by the name of Guav, read an article a while back where the press was talking about stopping the import of “dangerous AK-15 foreign weapons”, so he decided to bust out photoshop:

One can only guess how the picture ended up in the store advertisement.

No, DPMS never actually made such a beast.

Guav’s Flickr page – HERE


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Rob from TacticalYellowVisor.net has a few great comparison charts that he was kind enough to make public.

These charts cover all major brands, and should make it a lot easier to narrow down your next purchase based on your wants and needs.


Although these charts seem to be updated from time to time, they may not be right up to the current date.  They are meant as a guide, so do your own due diligence when finally deciding what to purchase.