It was only a matter of time before the camera guys got a thang too:

hahah.  I’ll now say “Thoughts?” just to be consistent.

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Woooooo child:

Before you ask why it’s sKeLeToNiZEd, I have no idea.  All of their magazines are seemingly like that… must be because they think it’s cool I guess. *shrug*

The company who makes this four magazine centipede is called Bad Element.  Now, I know I say a lot of websites are “the absolute worst I’ve ever seen”… but I really mean it with this one.  It’s extremely bad… like I might have to go see a doctor I cringed so hard.  They have a .co website they want you to go shop on (which I’m assuming is atrocious as well, but I haven’t been because chrome is throwing a huge security error on it).  You win some and you lose some in the gun game amirite fellas?


Gat tip: Mattv2099 <– RIP to a real one.  Nah he’s not dead the R stands for Retire in this case.  One of my favorite channels on YouTube.  A true gun vid shitposting OG.  I wish the new king shitposter Edwin Sarkissian studied Matt’s game more closely rather than trying to blaze his own shitposting trail.  It’s like 2.3% as entertaining as Mattv ever was 😭.  I love how whenever I call Edwin a gun video shitposter a bunch of dudes white knight for him in the comments like “DiD U knOw EdWiN CaMe To MeRICA with 23 ceNtS iN His PocKeT an StArTed a peaNuT bUTtEr n JeLLy SanWiCh (or whateverTF) fRaNchiSe an He SaVeS wHaLeS and BalD eAgLeS oN TeH wEekenDs?” ME: “Yea ok, cool bro that’s really awesome you know his backstory.  Now what?”  On the flip side, when I call Mattv2099 a gun video shitposter we all celebrate together.


Keeping it pushing, and your head bopping::

Yea so like I said, this is another HUGE summer hit for the pro 2A crowd.  I’ll just come right out and say it… if you’re not liking these tracks I’m introducing to you, you’re basically an anti-gun traitor.

Jokes aside, this one probably has the best beat / flow of the bunch.  In the desert with PBR, AR-15, a blow up doll, and some mini horses… just a regular day.

I love how the song is is about Dracos, yet there are no Dracos or even AKs in the entire thing.




Extremely Accurate AF 😂😂😂 📷@nocatchphraze

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If you’ve watched a rap video, or listened to a rap song in the past few months you’ll realize that all guns are considered Dracos.  It’s a joke I’ve made time and time again, and plenty of people don’t get it.  Because of that I of course continue to recycle the joke.  Yes I realize less than 3% of you listen to rap.

As you can see if you click through to the comments on the above meme, people still don’t “get it”.  LOL oh well.



0:32 – “Draco with a drum” at this point I think they’re definitely trolling. I joked about it initially, but “Draco” actually did become the new blanket term for ANY and EVERY gun.

The autotune in this video makes that kid sound especially “special”.

1:58 – LOLOL dialed all the way up to 900 meters, both eyes closed.

2:57 – I really want to get a Mercedes Sprinter van for traveling.  Me and my girlfriend were talking about that recently.  It would be sick to customize the inside of it to make it like a mini condo.

The rap world is getting a lot better with trigger discipline, I’ll give them that.  This song is catchy, but I really could do better.  The classic line in response to that is “YA BUT UR NOT”.  My response in return is “Don’t tempt me”.  I would have to put on an ENDO casting call for the video though, and you guys could all stand behind me and try not to look embarrassed for me.  I don’t know that many people in real life.


Gat tip: fireztheshi7


haha this guy is pretty funny:

0:30 – Talking about how it’s a pistol so he could walk around with it and ride with it in his car but “I’m black and I ain’t trying to die so I ain’t do that”.

1:00 – “shoot some ducks and shit”

Another funny vid where he rides around with the Drago in his car:

And another where he gives advice on how to handle being pulled over by the police when you have a gun in the car and you’re black:

haha good stuff, good stuff.


Gat tip: Ryan