Dragons Breath

As long as no one died, this is pretty awesome:

LOL not ideal.   I’m assuming those are police in the video… what are they using that stuff for anyways?  I thought Dragon’s Breath was strictly for shits and giggles?  If a cop ever lights some bad guy up with one of those rounds, it doesn’t matter if the guy killed 52 people before hand all the major news networks will pile on that the cop really should have went easier on him, get him fired, and rile the people up about what they will call police brutality.

Thoughts?  When is the VODA “Dragon’s Breath for the ladies self defense 🐲🐲🐲” video dropping?

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Uncontrolled derp burn:

Lucky the whole forest didn’t get burned to the ground.  Probably would have if the wind was stronger.

That Al Green Love & Happiness sample / beat in the background of the vid was hot. Twista – Do Wrong (Feat. Lil Kim) is the joint if you want to add it to your playlist.

Egypt-Shotgun-Hulls-On-FingersThoughts? Anyone have any bad experiences like that with dragons breath or other exotic loads?

Hat tip: Smooth Operator


Stay for the gratuitous slow motion:

For $200 the Kindle Fire HD looks good on the surface.  I’d probably get pissed off really quickly at the bastardized Android OS though.

I love the in depth analysis he gives on the construction of the shot up device haha.