Someone did it:

I swear you gotta feel me before they try and kill me. 🔫🔫🔫% 📹@misfit.vic

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Gotta train like you fight, amiritefellas? This challenge definitely became a “thing”.  I’ve enjoyed seeing the ones where people aren’t paying attention and they hit a pole / other random object in their walking path.

@misfit.vic is the dude on Instagram who did it.

Thoughts?  You sick of this challenge yet?  I know you guys will make fun of me, but I think the Drake Scorpion album is straight FIRE 🔥🔥🔥.

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Drake knows that the choice is obvious:

haha remember when that ISIS member looked like Drake?  Priceless.

Gat tip: 803SaladShooter


Drake knows:


Gat tip: @803saladshooter


ahahhahaha I love the internet:


Tweet from @SayWalllah… pure gold.

The RTs with comments on this post are amazing (if you’re a Drake fan like I am that is):

  • 9AM in Baghdad
  • What A Time For Jihad
  • Muhammad’s Room
  • Last name Terror, first name Greatest
  • 6 Allah
  • Tell flex to drop a bomb on it
  • Views From The SIS
  • Days in Damascus

AHHAHHAHA incredible.

This is where I ask “Thoughts?” and you guys tell me I’m gay for liking Drake.  Thoughts? haha.


The new Beretta APX:


Source – Janes

I don’t really have much to say about the above handgun… this post is more of an excuse to drop a few related Drake lines.  The homie (I’m talking way before hashtags) Oren Schauble (formerly of Tracking Point fame, and now works for a tight looking UAV company called 3D Robotics) tweeted me the other day saying how he was disappointed Beretta bricked it by not riding the Drake wave and tweeting “Brand new Beretta”.  I agreed, and we had some back and forth.  I speculated it was because Beretta’s girl be like “Fuck what they talking about on your timeline. That’s cutting all into my time witchu”.  Related side note: I can’t believe some people don’t like the mixtape (“album”… or whatever you consider it to be), I think it’s fire and will likely quote it non stop until the actual album “Views from the 6” drops.

The first thing that popped into my mind when I saw the above pic of the APX, was the cozyboy look of the slide cocking serrations.  So much room to breathe.. probably would be pretty nice with gloves.  There is speculation that since the army recently shit on the adoption of the M9A3 pistol this APX might be another try.  We’ll see I suppose.

Thoughts? Are we still good?  Are will still good?  Are you down for the cause?  Are you down are you down are you dowwwwn?


Posted because this textbook, classic LOX… plus 3:00 is important to gun / rap culture.


From Sheek Louch’s verse at around 3:00:

Out the Chevy I dump and reload
With something out a magazine
Pretty bitch / whip something out a magazine
Gun on me / clip? nah that’s a magazine
I make money flip easy / no trampoline

See guys, rap isn’t all bad… people actually could learn something from this song. MAGAZINE not a CLIP.

ClipMagazineLessonPound Cake is definitely one of the top songs on the new Drake album.  The whole album is hot though, you should check it out.

I still think MrColionNoir and I should drop gun related freestyles over beats we like.

Turn my mic up…Louder:

ENDO, every day I don’t ever take a day off
Coolin out where they rioted after the playoffs
Working for yourself there’s no chance of a layoff
My AR been the shit since I started taking the K off
Troll hard tell me ENDO you’re a wack rapper
What’s a heckler to a koch if the bullets backward?
What’s a hat without a notch for your sunglasses?
What’s a Buck Yeager reference without the pic after?
*drops mic*