OMG people lost their damn minds over this:

Instagrammer Ohio2A posted the meme, I thought the caption + picture was funny so I reposted it as I often do.  People then proceeded to have a meltdown because the person pictured is Mike Pannone.   Once I was put onto that name, I still had no idea who that was.  Did the name sound vaguely familiar?  Sure, but I have a lot of interests spanning across multiple industries and I didn’t recognize the face.  It’s a real shame actually, that I don’t have the brain capacity nor the reference picture rolodex built to keep up on how 360 degrees of the face of everyone whose ever done anything notable looks at this current moment in time, linked to their credentials.  Maybe I could build an app or something to provide pre-meme post/repost facial recognition and credential scanning, which would then in turn use a series of complex algorithms to calculate potential butthurt and potential viral exposure.  As far as I know Mike’s not putting out derpy, sensational, or troll bait YouTube videos, so that would explain why he’s not on my radar.

If you made popcorn and want to scroll comments:

If anyone cares, Mike Pannone himself commented on my Facebook post.  The white knights can rest easy that Mike doesn’t give a shit about the meme:

Thoughts?  Seeing the reaction, this really makes me want to make a meme up of my own… where I pretend I don’t know who Larry Vickers, Colion Noir, or maybe John Browning is.

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Yea basically.  There hasn’t been any drama I’ve been directly a part of in the last few weeks.   The last one I really though was priceless was the Cherries Apparel drama, which I’m still not convinced isn’t actually just a parody of everything hilarious rolled into one “Operator-type” character.  You’ll notice all the videos in the two posts I linked have disappeared; wiped from the internet due to shame.  There are 60+ video on his YouTube channel though for your viewing pleasure.  Do me a favor and check out a couple of them.  You’ll 100% see what I mean about the fact they seem like something off of SNL haha.

Best recent drama I heard about but wasn’t involved in, was the Team Wendy Hillary Clinton debacle.  Holy god what a shit storm of epic proportions (read the comments LOL).  Are they surprised?  I’m sure not.  They are getting cooked in every post on the timeline, which also isn’t surprising.  People always forget though.  Just like all the other drama in history, this company will probably have record sales next quarter because everyone who didn’t even know what Team Wendy was but then were like “HUURRRR DURRRR I’m never buying a Team Wendy helmet for the Airsoft games my mom lets me play” got the company name put across their radar and will go drop all their birthday money the second the checks from their grandma and auntie’s clear.



Anyone who follows this blog knows the three things I love the most are when people get trolled, extreme derp, and emmy worthy drama.  People have been emailing me off the hook regarding this Cory drama, so I’ll just compile what I know below:

The issue is with Cory misrepresenting himself as “former military” which he denies doing for the most part – Here are some documents /screenshots and what not at SnipersHide.

There is a thread at AR15.com which is now up to a whopping 71 pages at the time of witing this.  It’s a pure shitstorm, but since I’m a sucker for punishment and have way too much time on my hands I read all 71 pages.

Here is his apology / explanation (starts at 4:30):

Here are a couple videos people compiled regarding the timeline and documents from SnipersHide:

I don’t know why he didn’t address exactly what those documents said in the apology video.  The clips of the interview he did with Erika are from this video which as you can see is now set to private for some reason.  Why is that?  Dramaaaaaaaa.

It’s pertinent to know that whenever I use the word drama, this is how it sounds / looks in my head:

Anyway, I doubt this is going to just “go away” for him but we’ll see.  On the other hand internet gun related history shows people forget shit VERY quickly, right or wrong on this issue his subscribers and views will likely increase.  That uncovered evidence and the compilation videos seem pretty damning as far as claiming something he isn’t goes. I’m not military though so I don’t really know what all those acronyms and terms mean, and if the timeline discrepancies are correct etc.

Cory-And-Erika-ENDOGuys be like “I saw Cory at Walgreens in a rusty wheelchair wearing three purple hearts, telling the young girl cashiers stories from the sandbox.”  LOL.  I’m just along for the ride, scraping the internet for entertaining stuff and trying to find humor in things and in turn make you laugh.  Please keep emailing me stuff guys, it’s much appreciated.


Hat tip: Brandon, Rodolfo, Derek and more


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Personally, I find this video fascinating:

But not for the obvious reasons.

Oh, sure, it was a masterpiece of advertising, and I love a bit of spontaneity as much as the next guy, but watch it again, only this time pay attention to the crowd and not the players.

I can understand everyone just standing around and watching while the ambulance rolls up and clumsily tries to load… whoever the hell that was. Ambulance-calls are typically indicative that something unfortunate has happened, but “the authorities” are already on-scene and apparently handling the situation (however ineffectively they might be), so what are you left to do but watch?

But around 0:48 into the video, a bicyclist runs into the open door of the ambulance, falls over, and starts bodily assaulting one of the paramedics, who responds, in short, by spin-kicking the cyclist into the side of the ambulance. Flashy and well-choreographed, but how do the onlookers know it is still part of the “drama”? Does anyone think to call the cops, or intervene, on the basis of an apparent beating taking place in front of them? So far as we are shown, no. People look incredulous, concerned, repulsed, scared, but never really do anything.

The hot chick wearing nothing but lingerie riding by on a motorcycle might account for the inactivity of the males, at least, I suppose…

It gets worse… about 1:03 a matte-black suburban roars into the square with an apparent police van in hot pursuit of it and a SWAT van boxing it in, and as the vehicles screech to a halt, men dive out of them and begin to exchange gunfire, complete with fairly gratuitous blood splatter for the fictional victim (visible at 1:14). Ignore, for a second, the rather flagrant violations of pretty much all of the Four Rules when it comes to staging a complete-with-blanks shoot-out in the middle of a crowded European square, and instead focus on the audience.

People flinch. People cower. People look around to see what other people are doing. Hell, one of the button-pushers looks like she wants to hide behind the ridiculously-too-small-to-hide-behind stand for the button. But, so far as I can see in the commercial (which means “so far as TNT wants to show us” since they are the ones who held the editing scissors), no one ran, no one actually sought cover (even those people downrange of the shooters), and there was no mass panic.
Which seems strange to me.

I like to think that if what I believed to be were shots being exchanged right in front of me, I would be, at the very least, kissing concrete or getting the hell out of dodge. But aside from a few steps back, hardly anyone in the commercial moved. Maybe this was all announced in advance, so people knew mostly what to expect… which would rather destroy the “drama” of the situation, much less the surprise of it. Maybe the whole thing – from the players all the way down through the audience – was 100% staged with full awareness of what all would be happening going on… which would be a rather misleading ploy on TNT’s part.

Or maybe the average person’s “flight or fight” response has been successfully suppressed by societal training. In fairness, this whole bit of stagecraft was executed “on an average Flemmish square of an average Flemmish town”, but before we go too far down the rabbit hole of “disarmed Europeans”, do you really think the average American’s response would be a whole lot different? When bad / strange / unusual things start happening around people, I guarantee you one of their first – if not their actual first – reactions is to look around and see what everyone else is doing, and if no one is appreciably reacting in any way, neither will they; on the other hand, mobs are called “mobs” for a reason. We have been conditioned to place our own physical safety beneath our social standing, to the point that we will, apparently, simply stand there and observe a gun fight transpiring not 20 feet from us, with firearms pointed at us, rather than be “embarrassed” at understandably fleeing from the scene.

Yeah. That seems like a beneficial adaptation.

So what would you do in a similar situation? Have you thought about what you would do in a similar situation? How would you know if it was “all part of the show” or something else entirely? How would you know it was not a show-within-a-show, with criminals exploiting your belief that it is “just a show” to pull off something worse? How do you know they will not try something like that now? In any case, to bastardize an old military saying, you do not rise to the occasion, you sink to the level of your preparedness.

Me, I would have whacked the crap out of that button – big red buttons exist to be pushed – but I sure as hell would not have been in a position to see the cute little banner being unfurled from the building.

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