These “drills” are getting more and more elaborate:

I wonder if he likes his denim with a small lycra percentage so he can properly hit those deep squats? ūü§Ē The taper is nice, he’s got a bit of stacking… I’m actually impressed. He used to wear the definition of mom jeans.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least make the comment “ha ha sweet distressed spartan helmet flag mashup brAh”.


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Something to try from Garand Thumb:

Starts at 1:15. hahah yea so THOT is actually THOT (amazing)… the drill being Beat That Hoe Over There. ¬†Shooting 5 yards away, bringing the rifle up putting 1 shot into center of mass.

The THOT Vaccine drill is 3 shots within two inches in under 1 second.

I really like the pure black background. ¬†Very tactical. ¬†It’s a lot easier to look at than the pure white that people normally do when they want a clean look.



I can’t even tell anymore where the line between fun and serious is with any of these Funker tactical group guys:

Instructor-Zero*shrug* I don’t know, is that serious?¬† Looks like some drill for LOLz you’d make up with your buddies when you’re getting sauced on the beach some night. ¬†We’ve seen even more far out stuff from Zero though, so part of me thinks that he may actually believe this drill has some real world application. ¬†Like maybe he’s seen the future and in 2018 a law is passed where all guns have to be stored disassembled (of course to curb crime *eye roll*), so being the fastest and best at assembly could save your life.

Thoughts?  Are you over Zero or do you still look forward to all this stupid shit?


Gotta hit em with the stunna punch:

*Waaaaapap* *blam blam blam*. ¬†Drills like this seem real derpy considering the “attacker” might not just be¬†standing there and not moving the whole time while this guy fumbles a reload and slowly retreats backward.

Here’s a high-speed alternative:

Spongebob-Squarepants-Operator-Rifle-AR-15LOL holy ok that was quick.  Right up near the face, derp scan, ninja moves and the whole bit.  10/10 would operate with. :P


Gat tip: no uno


He was feeling lonely so he fabricated a drill

From the YouTube description:

The reel drill is applied under a specific set of conditions where 2 operators must provide continuous fire towards a threat in a narrow/confined space such as a corridor.  The movement allows for one operator to efficiently and clearly remove himself from the line of fire using after his weapon has gone dry while allowing for the rear operator an immediate line of sight towards the threat.  This drill simulates the need to provide continuous fire from 2 operators Рalternatively, if both operators fired at the same it could create a delay in continuous fire due to both having to reload.  The drill also provides a shield for the operator who is reloading.  Do not try this advanced drill on your own at home.

Nothing like getting a gun pointed at your head/back too (0:17 pictured below). ¬†Oh right I forgot, these guys are operational pros therefore immune to “accidents”.


Instructor-ZeroWhatever you do guys, heed the warning and don’t attempt it until you have a YouTube channel with at least 27358 subscribers, and a foreign accent.

This guy MUST have an ammo sponsor by now.



Banned in 38 states, and all Walmarts:


Never forget the drill massacre in ’04. ¬†Oh wait, that never happened…. ban assault drills anyway. ¬†NO ONE needs this kind of drilling capacity for home improvements with high capacity lithium batteries.

Maybe we can meet halfway on an assault drill registry?

Hat tip: Gear Whores Anon