Dynamic Pie Concepts puts on a clinic:

Dynamic-Pie-Conceptshaha I love these guys!

Slicing the pie is so crucial.

Thoughts?  Would operate with?  Wouldn’t operate without?


Vigilant Spectre. Too big of sissies to train how they operate, so they use airsoft:

Wimps.  Anyone who had real confidence in their crew would have DONE IT LIVE like the guy in this video or Larry Vickers and the Russians (TM for a new punk band I’m starting).

Definitely an asymmetric solution to a problem operators in crowded operations face.  OHHHHHHH see what I did there? They did this drill at the training facility of Asymmetric Solutions.  Ironic considering that first Asymmetric Solutions post was all about the lack of muzzle discipline.

Vigilant-Spectre-Tactical-WallsI don’t really know how the average person would benefit from a drill like this, considering if you have your gun out in a self defense situation you’re liking not going to be shooting through a crowd of people.  If you are, I’m going to say chances are you’re already WAY over your head.  Vigilant Spectre though are not average.  They probably used the skills from this drill that night… even if it was just to dodge girls coming at them while they had a beer in each hand at the local bar they frequent.



Dynamic Pie Concepts with some advice for operators:

It’s all about immobilizing the threat!  Sounds legit to me *shrug*

Dynamic-Pie-ConceptsI want to train with these guys.  I’m sure classes are booked solid up until the year 2058 though.

Thoughts? Are you adding this to your operational arsenal?


This guy is a robot sent from god to operate firearms accurately and efficiently:

Qusay-Hussein-BreakdancingLook how close some of those shots are together too haha wow…

They should have made Jerry the new RoboCop.

This is what I want to do after I see Jerry shoot like that… don’t judge me.



I was impressed by the first Barrett .50 BMG vid of his I posted… this one blew my mind.

hahah I like his laugh.  It rivals Joerg Sprave, crazy slingshot guy’s laugh.

Sniper-Jesus-50-Caliber-Barrett-RifleJerry must have a hell of a solid shoulder.

Thoughts?  Would operate with?


No derp in this video, just Top Shot season 1 contestant Caleb Giddings, a sick 1911, an ENDO t-shirt, and some good shooting:

Caleb-Giddings-ENDOI don’t know many drills, but this looks like a good drill I suppose.  Before I work on speed I definitely need to get my accuracy up.  Guys like him just make it looks so effortless… obviously tons of practice though.  It’s a cruel world where eating too much, and making fun of shit online doesn’t do anything for my shooting skills. haha

You can grab the Guns And Coffee t-shirt from ENDO Apparel. 

Hat tip: Mark