VICE takes a look:

1:08 – “The Chinese military hasn’t used their drone in real warfare, but over the past decade the country has exported over 200 drones to 16 countries”.

I love the idea of not putting our human solider’s lives at risk.. but yea, occasionally misidentifying targets is terrible.


Interesting and terrifying at the same time.  It’s all good when you and your allies have the top notch drone tech.  As soon as that’s no longer the case though, and even the terrorists and rival countries can afford or build something similar it’s hard to feel as safe.


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Scaring migrating birds off a toxic lake in Montana:

Interesting video.  They are using so many different methods.. Initially I thought it seemed like an easy enough problem that could be taken care of by more drones with some AI.  They mention at around 5:28 though, that each bird responds differently to different scaring methods like drones etc.  Definitely an interesting problem to solve; terrible that it’s yet another man made issue.


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Big 🤝 link between Viridian, Springfield, Federal, and Gunsite. Holy, whoever is flying the drone is a pro.  They got pretty damn close to both of the shoot house shooter’s faces a few times, but it was all good.

They got some really cool footage, and the editing was on point too.



I knew this wasn’t going to be “positive” since it’s a VICE video:

Tough jobs requiring tough decisions when you’re dealing with war.  I’ve seen similar pieces on drone operators, and it always surprises me that it’s almost like they initially assumed they would be exempt from PTSD since they’re not up close to the death and destruction.

I don’t like to get political on this blog (mainly because it’s not something I think a lot about), but I always find it interesting how democrats and Obama enthusiast-cheerleaders in general fully sweep the whole “King of drone strikes” title under the rug like it never happened.

I can sympathize with this guy in the video, however it’s not like he was in a prison camp being forced at gunpoint to fly drones.  Plenty of jobs available in and outside the military that don’t have all that potential for emotional baggage attached.



haha PULL UP (pull down? 🤔) from the friendly skies 🛩💨💨💨.  Russia’s largest defense contractor did this:

The Almaz-Antey company filed a patent for the armed drone with the Federal Service for Intellectual Property in 2018. Described as “a fully functioning [gun] inside a set of wings,” the 23-kilogram drone is capable of flying for 40 minutes and staying aloft while shooting. (source)

Holy this looks like the most awkward thing on the planet to shoot.  It’s doable though, so I guess that’s all that matters.

Thoughts? I hope the AK guy starts mounting some AKs on cheap drones for some ridiculous YouTube shennigans.

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2018 is wild, man:

Yes I know it’s a qUaDcOpTeR not a drone.  I imagine that irritates the quadcopter crowd as much as the clip vs magazine things irritates the gun crowd (or just me anyways).

Trust 22Plinkster to be able to pull this off.