drop in trigger

Yooooo, why is this the first time I’ve seen this:

Print Shoot Repeat is using the Rare Breed FRT-15 Trigger, which apparently doesn’t change the classification of the gun.  This is because it still adheres to all the rules the ATF made surrounding modifications and auto fire.

As I was writing this post, the name Rare Breed seemed strangely familiar, but when I messed around on the Rare Breed Triggers website linked above, I realized I had never seen it before.  Then I googled the name, and it hit me… they are the company that makes those elaborate cringe AFFLICTION-looking AR Lowers for dudes that wear the t-shirt brands with the 8in American Flag on the sleeve, and buy Dodge Chargers on 96 month 23% APR leases.  Whoever at the Rare Breed company decided to separate that whole AR Lower dumpster fire out onto a completely separate website (Rare Breed Firearms) is an absolute genius, and should get a raise.

If you’re curious how the drop in trigger works, here’s a video on that:

They also have other videos on the trigger website with a very lawyery looking lawyer saying it’s definitely legal.