0:11 – Stitches mixing that dirty Jones.  *AK brrrrrrrrrr sounds effect plays in background*

0:15 – Ugh this dude is nightmare fuel

0:18 – Yesssss his AK makes it’s first appearance.

0:33 – Stellar muzzle control as always

0:51 – Looks like his buddy has a MAC-10

1:15 – Good trigger discipline for real!  I’m actually impressed *reads ENDO once*

1:30 – “Now that boy say he got a problem / I got an AK-47 Imma solve it *BRRrrrrrrrrrrrr*”

2:02 – Very casual with the MAC.  I find the best place when to keep a MAC-10 when you’re expressing yourself is on your shoulder, so I can relate.

2:48 – Revolver time.  Some empty chambers in the cylinder at least for safety.

All in all this video disappointed as far as derp goes.  The song as sort of catchy, but I won’t listen to it again.

I’m cleaning my ears with some Post Malone currently:

Stitches-RapperOhhh yea.

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Fear-And-Loathing-In-Las-Vegas“Unknown to the troops, the drug (LSD) was added to the water on the 2nd day”.  Holy… that’s a sneaky move.

Nothing like drugging a bunch of grown men who carry knives and rifles, and hoping for the best.  Pretty funny how they were all LOL’ing (and some ROFL’ing) though. I don’t know anything about LSD, but I’m guessing they were pretty confident it wasn’t going to make any of the Marines violent. Seems like carelessness (such as muzzle direction and trigger discipline etc…) due to being high out of your mind would be a concern though not? Who knows maybe all their rifles were unloaded for this exercise anyway.

Since the point of the test was to find a non-lethal method of incapacitating enemy forces, I wonder how they planned on doing that?  Would they make prisoners of war drink water with the LSD like in the video? Or would they apply it on a large scale to the areas enemy forces occupied, by LSD-fogging from a plane or something?

Gat tip: Sean


I really hoped this would go a different direction:

Oh imagine that, there are people who want to do drugs, don’t care about where they came from, and that they are illegal.

I love how legalization isnt even considered as a viable option by any of these guys.  Wouldn’t want to ruin the prison industry and potentially lighten the load / reassign law enforcement to different problems.  Sure legalization isn’t a 100% solution, but looking at past examples such as the legalization of alcoholic beverage consumption, I’m thinking things couldn’t be any worse than they are now if drugs were legalized.  Could open up a whole new revenue stream for the government too.

If any one group of people should know, it should be law enforcement…. CRIMINALS DO NOT FOLLOW LAWS; gun laws, drug laws, alcohol laws etc… No laws definitely isn’t the answer either obviously.

Has anyone ever stopped doing drugs because carrying the guilt of “funding terrorism” was too much to bear? I want to see an A&E intervention containing that.

tmnt-drugs-pizzaYea that swiss cheese border is a whole other issue which needs to really be fixed too, wow.



A look inside:

Mexico Drug War WeaponsMaking gold 1911 grips, bejeweling  and engraving, definitely employed a few people full time in the cartels haha.  I still would like one someday just because.

I wonder if they have a section on ATF Project Gun Runner? My guess is the Army there isn’t a big fan of that operation.

You can google if you want to read more on the private museum.  I found another video of it on youtube which shows and explains a bit more.

Hat tip: Gabe


 MrColionNoir tells us what he thinks:

Technically if there was a zombie apocalypse that means I’d have to be T-dog, and we all know T-dog’s character sucks.

hahah truth!  That was a Walking Dead tv show reference for anyone that hasn’t seen the show. (If you’re not familiar… get caught up)

I hope that line about buying Hornady Zombie Max ammo was just  good old trolling.  That would be the last thing on earth I would ever buy, unless it was cheaper then non-zombie ammo.  At least you could take it out of the zombie box and no one would know the difference.

More info on the zombie face attack – HERE

The AK-47 selector switch t-shirt MrColionNoir has on can be bought over at ENDO Apparel.

I don’t know much about “bath salts” besides the fact they used to be perfectly legal.  I can’t help but wonder if blaming it on bath salts is just a knee-jerk reaction to try to explain the fact this guy was just nuts.  The media has a history of doing that with everything from video games to marijuana.



A police officer aims his weapon during an operation against alleged drug traffickers at the Complexo do Alemão slum in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday Nov. 28, 2010. (AP Photo/ Silvia Izquierdo)

The haircut, the sunglasses, the multiple aiming devices, the laser, the gloves etc… That guy is the definition of Tactical.  I bet he pisses Hoppes and shits picatinny rails. A single tear would roll down the cheek of RTT CQB Man if they were ever to find themselves in the same room.

There are a lot of interesting guns in this photoset… check out the whole thing – HERE