Important science incoming:

This video is definitely going to ruffle some 5.11 panties.  I’m here for it… Polenar Tactical always delivers.

2:40 – Oh ahah ok airsoft.. I was wondering about that.  I wouldn’t have put it past them to use live rounds, but definitely wouldn’t have been the smartest thing.  People will still be mad though “because of the implication” (always sunny related reference for your ass).

3:46 – I’m liking the look of that place.  Wonder if the mountain biking is any good there?  I’ll have to check out Trailforks later.

9:39 – Oh hell yea, I love a good charcuterie board.

10:42 – hahah that dog knows some cool stuff.  I’m surprised that little coat of his doesn’t have some morale patch loops on it.

1:13 – They call their Pateron subs randomly on video?  That’s some personal content right there.

15:25 – haha oh man they even got Brandon AK Guy on!

15:58 – Getting hit in the back of the knee with an airsoft pellet is the WORST.

23:00 – hahah Manca just side eying the whole time and not saying anything.  The look on her face tells me she’s no stranger to these shenanigans.

28:27 – What’s going on here?  Pressurized air being shot into the can?  I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.. what’s it do?  Oh nm.. it’s for the airsoft gun.  I saw him using it towards the end of the video.

You guys know that the sweet spot vid length for me is somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes, so when I saw this was 35 I was like 😬🤔.  That said, the fellas are funny so it kept my attention.   I love how the video got more and more chaotic as it went on.

Holy.. I just googled what a dangerous blood alcohol level is:

Small amounts of alcohol lead to mild impairedness in brain functions, most affecting the top part of the brain. As people drink more, this spreads to deeper levels of the brain, eventually suppressing the body’s “vital reflexes” — sneezing, coughing, gagging, breathing, and heart rate — enough to allow the drinker to reach an overdose.

At around .35 BAC, these vital functions “shut off,” but any BAC over .3 is life threatening and poses a significant risk of death. (source)

Žiga’s BAC was .384 at the end of the test. 👀😳

Satisfying the legal requirement of someone who no longer drinks alcohol.. I almost forgot to let everyone know that I haven’t even had a sip in over a year.  I need to bask in the glory of how clean my body is operating, any chance I can get.


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Bro do you even brandish?  This bro cop did:

Full Story – DailyMail

My-New-Haircut-broski-yaegerAccording to the article bro-brandisher Kyle McCartin was arrested and charged at the Pima County Jail on two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Wow that’s what I call drunk.  I’m curious what will end up happening with the 23 year old… re-assigned to another department?  Slap on the wrist?  My guess is he doesn’t have too many friends in law enforcement yet considering he was only with the department 10 months.



Ricky is at it again:

hahah that’s pretty good.

You might remember Ricky from The Future Of Tactical Training.




A MrColionNoir Q&A:

Not so sure I like this format of video.  Reminds me too much of Buck Yeager / Gun Store Guys style… MrColionNoir is normally king of the funny observational humor vids, so this one kind of took me by surprise.  Can’t fault the guy for trying to interact more with his audience though.

You can’t really see it until the end, but MrColionNoir is wearing the Run Guns t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.

As far as my answer to the question, the last time I called the cops on something I thought didn’t look right I ended up feeling like the one that was doing something wrong because of the massive amount of questions I had to go answer and the personal info I had to give.  I just felt like saying “Are you going to send a car or not?  Because I’m just about to leave and I really don’t give two shits, but I figured calling you was the right thing to do… anyway I have to go.”



I hated my old washing machine, but I wouldn’t have done this indoors:

St. Lucie County, Florida – Officials are investigating a weekend incident during which a man indicated his wife fired an AR-15 rifle at a target inside a master bedroom closet, missing the target and blasting holes in a washing machine. Investigators found .223 caliber and .45 caliber cartridge casings in the master bedroom and a wood and metal shooting target in the closet.   Bullet holes riddled the washing machine, and bullet exit holes were spotted in the wall across from the washing machine.  A deputy learned they’d been in the bedroom shooting the target in the closet.”They had done this on multiple occasions,” a report states, noting both had been drinking.

Full Story – HERE

The story gets even more bizarre so make sure to read it.

The best part is at the very end where it makes the statement that they were unsure what the husband was grilling on the bbq in the driveway.  Like that has any relevance? LOL


Like the Coolio song goes… ain’t no party like a Kosovo party, cause a Kosovo party don’t stop:

I seriously hope all of those guys are drunk , which would account for the impaired judgement. I don’t know how else you could 30+ guys together in one place that all think it’s perfectly acceptable to lick off rounds randomly into the air right next to other people.  I’m actually surprised none of them committed suicide to escape that terrible music.

I hope some girls come to future parties and talk them out of retarded crap like that. But if they don’t i’ll just have more footage for the “Cheating Death At Sausage Fests” DVD I am putting together.