dual sight system

LOL this:


From the website:

Our all-new Dual Sight System elevates the AR-15 from effective to absolutely lethal. By allowing you to mount both your battle sights, red dot or reflex sight, and your scope simultaneously, you are able to “stay in the zone” by targeting close, medium and long-range targets quickly and with great accuracy. By sighting your scope 0 at 100 yards, it maintains +/-1″ off sight line (2″ point blank range) from 80 to 220 yards!


As you can see by that ballistics chart, those clown stilts give your AR-15 laser beam level accuracy.  Don’t argue with me guys, it’s on an official looking graphic and there’s numbers.  Science.

Dual-Sight-System-EOtech-Rifle-StiltsThis next picture shows an EOtech mounted at the end of a rail way ahead of the scope.  Maybe it’s just my personal preference for my vision, but I tried that once for kicks and it was so easy to lose the red dot in the lens at that distance.

So in conclusion if you want 80-220 yard laser beam accuracy (apparently), you can grab this thing for $135 on the madhouse design website.

Thoughts?  Would operate with?

Gat tip: Enfieldem2