duck hunt

Keeping it real:

I have no idea what they are saying.  They did us dirty by not having him miss on purpose, then cut to a fat dude in a dog suit laughing.  The guy behind the fake plants with the decoy on his head sort of made up for it though.

That tousled forward combover the host is rocking is v rare.


Gat tip: Ron


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Kendall and Taylor duck hunt, part 1:

Kendall was less annoying in this than Episode #1 and Episode #2, but I still wouldn’t operate with her, due to her history of derp.

Kendall-Jones-RemingtonPretty good setup that club has going with the flop-open blind right in front.

I have nothing really bad to say about this episode honestly.. Safety was on point and nothing really dumb hapened that I could see.  *shrug* do your thang girl.  I still think Remington could spend their money in better places promo-wise, even though Kendall has that buzz due to the big game hunting controversy… but what do I know.



The camera work and after effects were nice. The lack of “laughing dog” was highly disappointing though.

Hopefully augmented reality games will someday be as awesome.


  • If you have 3D glasses, check out the 3D version – HERE

The dog laughing is the best part.

Incredibly bad acting, and incredibly corny… still worth a watch though to see the old Nintendo accessories in action.


Seen on hipster paradise / craft website


So the artist used some pieces of construction paper, or painted some scrap wood to represent the duck’s pixels right?

WRONG… this is Etsy. “The character pixels are a 1/4 inch tiles made from salvaged book covers.”   Ah of course… ;)

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