dude perfect

Predictably annoying:

Oh man I was barely 30 seconds in and I already wanted to jump off my balcony.

Holy a lot of Gucci guns in the video.  Can’t say I wouldn’t be happy owning most of them.

Thoughts? Uh so like what are their qualifications anyways, in order do preform such trick shots?

Gat tip: Bart

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Guy-VickersMan I’m so over the bro-celebrations; I don’t think I’ve ever been that excited about anything in my life.  The music is cringe worthy too.  Lucky some of the trick shots are really cool, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to handle this video.  Yes my life is pretty tough.



Bros gonna bro:

Was it purely coincidental that Demolition Ranch did his own Dude Perfect style video a few days ago?  I’m guessing yes, since these things obviously don’t happen over night plus Dude Perfect even managed to get Rainbow Six sponsorship.

Dude-Perfect-Firearm-Trick-Shots2:13 – No ENDO stickers on his gun case… very sus. :P

Ty is pretty damn good at shooting; obviously something he does regularly.  Operator AF with some of the moves too haha. I wonder if those are all his guns?


Gat tip: Zach


YouTubers “Dude Perfect“:

Iza-Privezenceva-Archery-Bow-And-ArrowCool, but judging by their celebrations after every shot there must have been soooooooo many takes.  Yea I know it’s cool regardless to see the shots happen, but honestly even with minimal skill it wouldn’t be that difficult to fluke a lot of those if you had a lot of arrows to waste and guys to fetch / throw away your misses.  Dude Perfect might be real deal one shot one take surgeons with the bow… I don’t know.  I’m not about doing research here, I’m just about posting shit.

Maybe it’s just me, but unless archery is involving Katniss Everdeen (or just Jennifer Lawrence as Jennifer Lawrence) I don’t really care about it.

Gat tip: Nick