dustin ellermann

Holy this gets expensive:

68 Rounds.  Even at like $3 or $4 per round that’s like $204 to  $272 total haha. Sooner or later some Arborist is going to come on here and talk shit / tell me that removing a tree properly actually costs more than $272 😂.

This vid brought to you by Dustin, the same guy to operate operationally on a trampoline.

Thoughts? The proof of concept is neat even though it’s biN duN beFo.  That said, I can think of 68 different / cooler things to shoot each of those rounds at.


Hey man, nice shot:

haha good shot.  Besides climbing up a wall Batman & Robin style, this is the next best use for these things.

haha typing x products into google, the first suggestion is “x product anti gun”.  Looks like one of the shit head owners of that company said that he believes “gun ownership is a privilege” and some more about gun owner licensing etc.. naturally that blew right up in his face and there was the standard statements released consisting of backpedaling etc.. You can google it if you care, it’s pretty standard but funny.