dynamic pie concepts

One handgun brand to rule them all:

LOL Dynamic Pie Concepts always delivers.  ALWAYS.  If you disagree you hate humor and America.


Hahaha $4300 and I don’t even get stippling or front slide serrations?  Pffft… I’d pay that in a heartbeat if they threw that in.  If two USPSA Grandmasters like this setup, how can you go wrong though?

Dynamic-Pie-ConceptsHi-Point’s are ugly as hell, they work, and they have a lifetime warranty.  Head over to Hi-Point Firearms if you want to take a look.


Hat tip: Jay


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Dynamic Pie Concepts really knows the way to operator’s hearts:

LOL seriously the best video I’ve seen in a while.  Their operational lexicon is definitely on point.  I love the subtle trolling with “I’m out, toss me a clip!” too.

I feel like if Carnik Con and Dynamic Pie Concepts made a full length movie I’d probably die laughing. OMG Becky I would LIKE TOTALLY die.

Dynamic-Pie-ConceptsBasically if you’re not doing the mag flip you’re showing your cards that you don’t operate, so the usual question is redundant.


Hat tip: Mark, Eric, Jason, Scott


Dynamic Pie Concepts puts on a clinic:

Dynamic-Pie-Conceptshaha I love these guys!

Slicing the pie is so crucial.

Thoughts?  Would operate with?  Wouldn’t operate without?


Dynamic Pie Concepts is in the zone once again:

Such a low-risk-high-yield tactic is right.  I really want to train with these guys.

Dynamic-Pie-Conceptshaha all the tactical jargon is great.


Hat tip: Van


Dynamic Pie Concepts with some advice for operators:

It’s all about immobilizing the threat!  Sounds legit to me *shrug*

Dynamic-Pie-ConceptsI want to train with these guys.  I’m sure classes are booked solid up until the year 2058 though.

Thoughts? Are you adding this to your operational arsenal?


For operators with limited range space:

The science behind this is all solid.  Scalable to any distance.  Don’t try and tell me otherwise *puts fingers in ears LALALALALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU*


It’s been a minute since they came out, but Dynamic Pie Concepts still has the hottest logo in the game.  I’ll continue to watch the throne…

1:06 – LOL that exaggerated scan and tucking the pistol in close!  So classic.