A short intro vid to a new group calling themselves Dynamic Pie Concepts:

Dynamic-Pie-ConceptsCome for the logo, stay for the sound of gunfire over Ave Maria. That song is beautiful…

Any operators that have actual pie in their logo I know hands down will meet my operational requirements.

That close range auto spray at the end was epic.



Products currently haunting my dreams:
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You be the judge of what “High Risk” means in this case:

I know dynamic situations and 360 degree threats are often how it is in the real world, but this class looks like it has the potential to give someone a few extra holes in their body than what they came with.  That said, it does look like a lot more fun that standing in a straight line on some gravel infront of some stapled up paper.

I’m guessing accidents probably don’t happen often during classes like this, but personally I wouldn’t want to be involved in that advanced of a training scenario if I didn’t already have lots of prior training experience with the guys in my group.

The class is taught by James “I put photographers down range” Yeager if you’re interested.

Hat tip: Jay P.



It was bound to happen sooner or later:

Unsurprisingly it looks like it is going to be awesome! My shoulder hurts just watching the trailer.

Pretty awesome that this one is coming out on Blu-ray too.


Sage advice Travis, thank you.

A couple other popular Magpul humor posts I did:

I wonder if anyone at Magpul reads this blog? :P Since I started this blog I’ve heard from a handful of other big time companies in the field, but never them.


On the Magpul Dynamics – The Art of the Dynamic Handgun DVD:

All jokes aside, Magpul is definitely one of my favorite companies for AR-15 accessories.

The training DVDs which the Magpul Dynamics division puts out are awesome, and the prices are definitely reasonable.



Thank god for good trigger control, on behalf of the guy that got knocked over.  At 15 seconds he muzzle sweeps his entire team before he gets up and joins them.

It was pretty awesome when just as the SUV was driving away to yank the wall off, a lady opened the door, only to have it slam shut and hit the ground with the entire wall a second later.

Thanks to JP for the video!