Drake knows that the choice is obvious:

haha remember when that ISIS member looked like Drake?  Priceless.

Gat tip: 803SaladShooter

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Drake knows:


Gat tip: @803saladshooter


Some advice for saving your hearing during a spur of the moment operation:

This guy looks and sounds exactly like the leprechaun that hunts me in my nightmares every time I have too much caffeine.

1) Spent casings or live rounds – Meh… fine whatever, in a pinch I guess it would work

2) Chewing gum – Maybe if you don’t have old man ear hair, otherwise you’re going to make a mess.  For the record I do not yet have old man ear hair.

2:20 – WHOA I DON’T KNOW WHAT JUST HAPPENED, but it was epic.

3) Cigarette filters – This is where I say something preachy about smoking and how I don’t like breathing in everyone’s second-hand smoke all day when I’m out trying to live and enjoy some fresh air.

HearingPro402:33 – Hat is now backwards… shit just got real.

4) Strong shoulder / weak hand – Legit… I’ll remember that in the next drive-by I do, thanks leprechaun.