Ed Brown

Youtuber WeaponsEducation is pissed because he got snubbed by Ed at SHOT:

He takes a while to get to the point, but anyways Ed wouldn’t give him an interview… now here’s my problem, and i’ll partially defend Ed because of it:

At 1:55 Tom from Weapons Education talks about how he gave Ed Brown the old come over here and talk to me cause I’m important fingers, no not a friendly wave, but an arrogant “come here”.  Now if I was Ed, that would have pissed me off from the get go too.  He’s an old man, not a dog or child.

Where Ed does trip up though is talking shit about the relevance of the Internet.  Yea I get it your old, and don’t understand how powerful it is as a business and marketing tool, this is evidenced by your website which coincidentally looks like it could have been made in 1911.  Seriously, though rather then telling people that  you don’t care about publicity and the internet because your firearms are sold out for the year maybe just politely say you’re not comfortable being on camera.  Nothing would be so bad about that.  But to tell the whole internet to go to hell?  Yea not a great idea.

fxhummel1 has an awesome song about it:

I basically chalk this all up to the fact Ed’s name is on the company he founded, he’s real old, and doesn’t want to give up control.  He’s set in his ways and it’s obviously working for him (so far).  Ed Brown has some younger blood in his family, so I’m thinking it might be a good move to hand relations (with new media anyway) over to one of them.