ed hardy

Three bros come at you.  I swear to their Ed Hardy / Affliction brand god they are going to kill you if you don’t kill them first:

The best part was how he shot holes in the first two bros and stuck his rifle through them to fill the 3rd bro with holes.

A solid training scenario that the old heads like Buck Yeager, Larry Vuitton “The LAV” Vickers, Travis “Skin So Soft” Haley, and Costa “Shark Jump” Lupus are no doubt sleeping on because they think they are so wise and know better.  Well the joke is on them, because bro assault training is an emerging market forecast by me to be worth approximately $128.2 million dollars this year.


Dynamic Pie Concepts is quickly becoming one of my favorite firearm operator groups.  Their logo alone is amazing.

Hat tip: Al


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