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Edwin Sarkissian x my former-future son Royal Nonesuch:

Good to see Royal Nonsuch still in the mix.  A true legend… if you’re not familiar with his shenanigans, you can search for his name on this site.  Sadly, the videos are probably all removed from YouTube now but you can get the gist of what his deal was.

2:13 – Royal… haha what a mad lad.  His life insurance premiums must be off the charts 😅.


2:42 – “It went right through the pan, both sides.”  LOL oh, who ever could have guessed that would happen? 🤣

Can we all agree that Edwin is a god tier shitposter now?  I got some flack for that years ago when I called him that at the link, and numerous other times.  Granted the comments read like they were written by either Edwin himself, or his mom or auntie.  3.36M subscribers now though I see.. WOW, the man has a fan base. Wait, so you mean to tell me he has more subs than Colion Noir (1.74M) and Military Arms Channel (1.17M) combined?  Is that for real, or some sort of wonky bought subscriber scheme going on?  Honestly he’s really owning the craft, and delivering 2 videos a week like clockwork so maybe that’s the secret?


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Holy, that’s a long-ass line of gel:

I hadn’t ever heard of Cav-X ammo, or DSG (the company who makes it), but wow 13 ft of penetration from a 7.62x51mm round… that got my attention.  They redesigned the bullet obviously, which is cool:

Classified as Multi Environment Ammunition – MEA™ – this projectile is effective against submerged targets and targets in the air. Depending on the weapon and the used loading variant, this ammunition is suitable for use in partial or fully submerged weapons, regardless of if the target is in water or on the surface.

Due to the unconventional shape and significant mass, this round offer great armor piercing capability against Multi-Layer Structures. This shape is also very effective against targets with fiber structure or mud, even when covered by sand.

Another thing surprising about this video was the fact it was outside of Edwin Sarkissian’s typical shitpost comfort zone.  Always nice to see.  If you check back on this post periodically, there will be “random” comments once the google notifications start hittin about how “Edwin came into this country with two pennies and some lint in his pocket and built a 925 million dollar beauty empire and car dealership chain from hard work, and you have the AUDACITY to call him a shitposter? Jealous much?” (I don’t remember the exact details of some of the past comments on posts about him, but they were along those lines).  You know I love a good shitpost as much as the next guy, but when someone starts 100% catering to the teens for YouTube views, I lose interest.  As always though, it matters very little what I think.  Edwin seems to be doing just fine making “lets shoot arrows through stretch Armstrong” (1.8M views) type videos, and has obviously found a hell of a niche in order to earn those 1.9M subscribers.  It’s flat out impressive.  Same thing with Demolition Ranch, I can’t even watch 5 seconds of one of his videos anymore, but he’s got 6.8M subscribers and several million views on most of his videos.  That one used to be one of my favorite channels.  I just hope these guys are having fun with it still.

The description in the above video promises “more to come”, so hopefully there will be more of an in depth dive into the capabilities of the ammo at some point.



I clicked around this guy’s channel for a bit to see if anything has changed:

His eponymous channel, Edwin Sarkissian now has a whopping 341,000 subscribers.  Incredible.  That video above, has 7.38M as in MILLION views.  I don’t know what happened to make that one so popular, because most others only have around 30k – 100k.  I see that in my first post on Edwin I while back, I called him “basically a less interesting Mattv2099 with an accent.”  LOL I say some wild stuff, it’s funny reading old posts.  My assessment still stands though.  Sadly Mattv2099 rarely makes videos now.  Isn’t there a saying that goes something like “We get the Mattv2099 we deserve”? *sigh* Shitposting or not, Edwin really does seem like a nice guy. I’m glad he’s seeing success from the work he puts in.



NY approved:

Edwin Sarkissian (mans in the video) is basically a less interesting Mattv2099 with an accent.  Matt hasn’t been active for 3+ months on YouTube though, so my lust for wanton destruction is being somewhat satisfied by Edwin.  I’m actually surprised he has pulled 108127 subscribers so far considering the style of the videos.

The worst part about Edwin’s vids is the non stop talking.  In this one for instance he doesn’t actually shoot a single shot until 4:05… which is pretty bad editing considering the entire video is 7 min 12 sec.  Oh well.