The NRA lets it be known once again that they don’t like Obama:

*snorrrrreeee* Oh hi there sorry, I was bored to sleep.  This is the second ad the NRA has put out recently in an attempt to sway your vote.

I hope they aren’t paying much for these commercials, because they are terrible.



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Aurora, CO shooting survivor Stephen Barton victim meekly demands a plan:

I don’t know much about MAIG (Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns), but their purpose statement sounds legit:

Mayors Against Illegal Guns is a bipartisan coalition of more than 700 mayors focused on protecting their communities by keeping guns out of dangerous hands.

I see Boston mayor Menino and NY mayor Bloomberg are the heads of MAIG though, so it becomes obvious that purpose statement conveniently leaves out the sneaky “disarm everyone” twist.

Here’s my proposed 3 step plan in case anyone cares:

  • Create an expedited death penalty in all 50 states to dispose of people convicted of violent crimes
  • Take the restrictions off carry permits (open and concealed)
  • Allow people with carry permits to carry firearms anywhere and everywhere, with a few common sense restrictions which i’ll have to give some more thought to.


Hat tip: Kenny


I hate the term NSFW, but if you work around kids then you probably shouldn’t watch this until you get home:

Telling us how it is in her usually sassy way.

The gun stuff starts at 2:04.  hahaha good choice of “gun owner” pictures. *smh*

Get a firearm license so you can vote, *shrug* sounds good to me.

Interesting, she’s not married to Jimmy Kimmel anymore… now it’s some other comedian, “Kyle Dunnigan”.  I looked him up on YouTube… decently funny guy.


Hat tip: Rick, Scott


There was some buzz on the internet about this Photoshop I posted in back in 2009:

I don’t remember any company jumping on the bandwagon and actually getting them made in 2009.  Looks like Palmetto State Armory thought it would be a good idea to capitalize on this year’s upcoming November election so they are making some up like the mock-up pictured below:

I’m assuming it’s supposed to be Anti-Obama by the “NOBO12” part of it… but that’s the only giveaway that it isn’t meant to support Obama.  Kind of a fail if you ask me.  The original Photoshop got the point across better.

I really couldn’t care less about “custom” AR-15 lowers with dumb markings on them.  Seems like i’m in the minority on that opinion though, because every time someone says they are going to run a batch anything but “SAFE” and “FIRE” on it, people go nuts.

Thoughts?  Are you a sucker for custom/different fire selector lower receiver engravings?


I quit posting every gun related editorial a while back, but this one was funny, and current so i’m making an exception.

The artist is Mike Lester



A new article today in the Wall Street Journal contains mostly the same information we have been reading about since Obama got elected last November.  There is some new data out for August though:

In August, the number of background checks performed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Instant Criminal Background Check System was up 12.3% from the same month in 2008 to about 1.1 million.

That’s a lot of background checks in one month!  And who’s to say those people are only buying one gun? they could be buying several!

Surprisingly the article does not try and put a negative spin on the situation.  It reports from a purely business perspective which is always refreshing when it comes to this topic.

Link to the Wall Street Journal article – HERE