If this doesn’t sell the game, I don’t know what will:

I’ve always been a fan of Rob Riggle Jr..  In addition to being an actor and a comedian he’s also a USMC officer.

So many good lines in the video… “This is my clan, the bitch slaps. Don’t get slapped.”

Call Of Duty Elite requires Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3, so if you need it they dropped the price over at Amazon.

Verdict on this one?


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Miguel Caballero makes fashionable lightweight bulletproof clothing designed for the world’s elite.

A reporter from VBS.tv goes to Bogota Colombia for a tour of their factory, and gets shot with a revolver from about 1 foot away while wearing one of their jackets.

“I shoot all my employees” says Miguel.  It’s an initiation if you are an employee.

Sounds like a pretty good idea to me, although some of it does look a bit bulky.  Any protection at all beats no protection, and that clothing would definitely save some lives.

Very neat stuff.

Miguel Caballero website – HERE


Looks like they must have hired HK’s marketing guy for this picture:



1) Guy in front has his rifle scope on backwards
2) Guy in front has his left arm through the loop in the sling
3) Guy in rear has his sling on in a pretty akward manner considering he’s planning on shooting his sidearm with his right hand

All jokes aside, the clothing acually does look pretty nice.  You can check it out at their website – HERE