Emily Miller

ENDO blog reader Piers Morgan v.s. Washington Times pro-gun journalist Emily Miller:

1:15 – Piers asks “Why would you prefer to shoot him?” (rather than talk a thug down again like Emily Miller did the first time)

1:36 – Oh Piers… comparing the USA to “other countries” again, then putting value on someones life who wants to come into your house, steal your stuff and possibly kill you.

1:53 – He never reads any examples of defensive gun use?  Uhhh… well the most interesting/funny ones are definitely reported when they happen.  Take the recent story where a thug tried to rob a store and pulled a gun on a military veteran for example.  The news is in the business of making money… why on early would they report every non-story like “Person pulled their gun out and told robber they would shoot… robber left”… yawn, that’s not going to sell papers or advertising.

Piers-Morgan-Eyes-Closed-Mouth-Open-Ears-Off4:35 – LOL I knew Piers would see my article on Iowa issuing carry permits to the blind sooner or later.  I was expecting a shout out, but whatever I’ll have Piers just buy me a beer sometime.


Oh and Emily Miller has sharp elbows… 2/10, wouldn’t.  LOL just kidding, but I knew someone was going to say something like that.


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Piers Morgan shows ENDO some love through a tweet a couple days ago in some back and forth he had with female Washington Times gun loving badass Emily Miller:

The initial tweet which sparked the twitter debate:

Emily mocked him about “Holstering a Rifle”:

The tweet above was to set up his argument that “Rifles can be holstered” by the look of it.  I’m not sure why anyone would care to holster a rifle (most of the time) and not sling it, but whatever it has some comfort purposes in hunting applications I suppose, and either way to each their own.  I don’t know what his angle with proving that a couple different types of rifle holsters exist was, but I’m sure it was that a holster increases killing power tenfold or something along those lines.  It was too late to back out at this point even though he likely knew he slipped up.  Couldn’t let Emily Miller have the best of him though so…

Suddenly Piers remembered a post he saw on my site (during a past daily visit to see if I trolled him again), so he decided to share it in an attempt to shut Emily Miller down for good:

Piers-Morgan-Eyes-Closed-Mouth-Open-Ears-OffAs you can see that short link goes to a post I made back in February showcasing the Deplorable Extremely Retarded Rifle Retention Platform (DERRRP).  Basically an awkward novelty “holster” made purely for trolling.  Piers took the bait, and made himself look like an idiot on twitter.  He’s pretty much the master of making himself look like an idiot in any form of media.  A quick site search for Piers Morgan will bring you up to speed if you’re not already there.

I can’t wait until Piers brings up “AR-15 high capacity assault rifle holsters for your belt which are made from undetectable space age plastic” on his show sometime.

I feel that with the advertising money Piers made me along with some shirt sales I might have made because of him I should almost go buy another AR-15 lower just because. ;)