*smh* I hope this isn’t real:

“Tweet Apple’s CEO @Tim_Cook and ask him to have the gun emoji removed” <—- LOLOL

This iPhone disarming movement seems to say they are affiliated with NYAGV – “New Yorkers Against Gun Violence”.  I can’t say that organization is familiar to me, but it reeks of Bloomberg and even the website looks like all his.  I’m trying to finish blogging and watch Episode 7 of “POWER” and eat cherries and dark chocolate though so I don’t really have time for research.  Someone fill me in if you know.

The one thing which seems kind of suspicious to me is that the YouTube video doesn’t have comments disabled, which is definitely out of character for anything Bloomberg and disarmament related.

Revolver-iphone-irevolverA quick twitter search for #disarmtheiphone shows that not very many people give a shit.


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