ENDO Tactical

YouTuber Full Lead Taco puts the ENDO adapter to the test:

Always awesome when someone makes a video!  The glowing reviews never get old either.

You can pick one of the adapters up on ENDO tactical of course, if you’re interested.

3:33 – haha the retired science project backboard stuck in the snow.  Been there…

5:37 – I don’t know about you fellas, but I can’t hit stuff that far shooting Glock without the adapter. 😎. haha oh man that huge red dot on top looks funny.

8:11 – Whoooo!  That’s a nice looking setup with that Suarez mount for the RMR.

8:36 – *Gasp* his buddy said the S word (stock) haha.

Crazy that in this video two of my dealers are talked about: Suarez International and Gunnies.


Gat tip: Ralph

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Yessss Recoil did me a solid with their review:

You can grab my ENDO Tactical glock stock adapter for $35 if you hit the link.  I like that folding stock they used, and the paracord upgrade for the pin.

You can check out RECOIL’s full buyers guide for stocks for your glock pistol.  A lot of good options… I’m not a hater, I’m a fan of most of those for their own reasons.

On a related note, RECOIL slid into my DMs on Instagram and sent me an awesome pic of a “skunk works” type project they did.  I can’t wait until they post it so I can share it with you fellas.



I get a little teary eyed like the future proud step father I would have been, when I see how far my former future stepson has come:

haha yea I’d say that works too.  Ear pro, and safety squints in full effect getting the job done.  Royal just casually bought an ENDO adapter (ENDO Tactical if you want one) last week; I read the company name on his order and was like 🤔 hmm wait a minute I know that guy! I sent him an additional one for free just in case he wants to do something ridiculous like convert a percussion cap pistol to auto (don’t ask me how but I’m sure he figure out a way 😂) and bubba the adapter onto the back of it.

Sadly YouTube nuked his gun channel 😭 I guess they don’t like art.  The embedded upload looks like it’s on a burner account.  Boss move tbh.

As you probably guessed / see in the thumbnail… Royal made his own conversion switch.  He didn’t order the Russian “motorcycle part”.  I’ve clicked that link so many times now, it’s surprising the black helicopters and white vans aren’t following me around.



Iraqveteran888 delivers:

Yesssssss, I’m the wildcard 😎 (see 11:30).  My ENDO TACTICAL AR-15 stock adapter of course.  They love it.

I find it’s a real polarizing accessory.  It seems like people are either mad it exists, or they think it’s cool and have one / want one.  No matter what category you fall in I’m always happy when people tell their friends about it.  I didn’t create it to cure cancer, I created it to have a little fun at the range.  Yes I do plan on releasing a gen4 version eventually.


Gat tip: Thanks to the bunch of you who gave me the heads up.


The boys at Recoil Magazine lit it up!  The shooting starts at 9 seconds if you’re as impatient as I am haha.  I swear my tolerance for waiting is lower than ever at this point in my life. :P

Head over to ENDO Tactical to pick one up (price $35), NFA rules apply.  The thing sells itself… pick any AR-15 stock you want, get cheekweld on the stock, compact formfactor, doesn’t interfere with the usual operator of the Glock, connects solid with no flex at all during operation.

Some additional pics of it in action at the event:



Thanks Recoil.  I was looking for an excuse to talk about this product again!  Seems like it’s so much easier to shoehorn in ENDO Apparel t-shirt mentions.


Thanks to all of you, this blog has become more popular than I ever imagined.

Hope you all have a great weekend, eat lots, and enjoy time with your family and friends.