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You can view all 30 of them on their special “30 years” website.  I know a lot of your guys aren’t a fan of engraving.  From an artistic standpoint I really appreciate it… I’d probably choke when I saw the cost of some of these though.  Having a master engraver spend hours of his time on each pistol can’t be cheap.  I posted one a while back that had a bit of gold inlay on it, and the starting bid was $10500.

To commemorate the occasion, 30 anniversary pistols have been uniquely hand-engraved by 5 Master Engravers. The exclusive pistols will be presented throughout the year to exceptional individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the success of GLOCK. Each of these G17s includes a limited production serial number and a certificate of authenticity signed by Gaston Glock.

To our loyal customers, employees and supporters alike- thank you.

If you missed the video I posted which Glock did about their 30 year in the USA anniversary, check it out… it’s pretty good.

Thoughts?  You going to pass on engraved guns, even if they didn’t come with the price premium?

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A picture slideshow… this is legit:

Set to the backdrop of Metallica – Unforgiven.  If engraved guns offend you, then I suppose that is a fitting audio track.

I expressed my interest in engraved guns in the past.  I’ll definitely pick up an engraved Glock someday just because.  If you have some play money, and your don’t at least have one gun in your collection that resembles something a cartel boss would own then you’re not living.

LOL the hunting rifle with a falcon engraved on the receiver… topped off with the talon / sphere bolt handle and nob.  That’s mint.


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Mexican soldiers have seized an arsenal of gold-plated and diamond-encrusted weapons believed to belong to the Valencia gang, allies of the powerful Sinaloa drug cartel and, it seems, fans of hip-hip excess.

Showing just how flamboyant gang members spend much of their ill-gotten wealth, pictures show how most of the 31 ‘pimped’ pistols found in a raid on a home in western Mexico had gold or silver-plated grips or were glittered with diamonds.

Three of the assault rifles are almost entirely gold-plated and there was even a silencer plated with gold. One particularly image-conscious gangster has made his pistol unique by adding rows of gaudy red and green jewels and a Ferrari logo.

Full Story – HERE

I don’t know about you guys, but I’d open carry that black 1911 with the diamond punisher grips with pride.

I’m honestly shocked that someone in the main stream media was able to write an article on Mexican drug cartel’s guns and not even mention the ubiquitous “gun show loophole”

The rifles aren’t really my style, although I still think they would be an awesome addition to any collection. Pretty neat how even the suppressor has engraving all over it.

Where does one even get such badass work done?  I imagine it would takes days worth of time, and be very expensive.  My guess is that these cartels have jewelers and gunsmiths on the payroll.

I had a previous post on Mexican drug gang guns ( HERE )