EOtech doesn’t have a worry in the world.  This new post-recall chill EOtech released a fidget spinner:

In two colors guys!  $6.95 on their website.

I still think my go-to autism suppression device is the ARFCOM AR-15 bolt face spinner.  That would definitely get my clout up more than this rebranded generic one.

Thoughts?  Are you pissed off that companies are thinking these things are “trendy”, when in reality they are meant to help people?

Wow, the fidget spinner situation on Amazon is intense.  What a race to the bottom.

Gat tip: @terrythetali

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Normally a video like this wouldn’t interest me, but SuperSetCA is really with the shits so I’ll put it up:

Man that production value tho.  I know you guys are going to make fun of me, but I still rock an EOtech.  Now at least I can blame my shitty shooting on “zero shift“, rather than wind or sunlight hitting my face haha.

Remember the ACOG centipede?:




Freddiew trolls us:

He had to have known that was backwards.  I mean the brightness controls / on switch are all on the back, why would you face it forward?  At least with some of those other red dot optics everything is on top so it’s easier to make the mistake.

It’s established that those guys make some pretty solid short films. I think it’s about time Freddie and Brandon quit starring in them though.


Hat tip: Keith


I present to you a great way to lose friends and alienate yourself at the range:

Save Your Brain with the New EOTech Zombie Stopper!  Use the awesome new biohazard reticle to sight them in and kill them dead (again).

All for a measly $559.  What makes this even more hilarious is that the regular non-DERPified XPS2 is only $519

Hopefully that inner circle of the biohazard symbol is still 65MOA like the rest of their sights.  That would make it slightly less useless.

Maybe if the Nazi product craze catches on once Iron Sky hits movie theaters, you’ll be able to buy a SS branded XPS2 with a swastika reticle to accurately send some Hornady Nazi ammo down range.   Hey.. they jumped on the Zombie bandwagon, who knows what they might pull next.

So who’s picking one of these up?

Hat tip: Jay


Extreme Tactical!


You’d need good wrists to even point that thing at a target.


A steal of a deal can be found at Optics Planet, as you can see below:

Link to “sale” – HERE

$18,247 is a heck of a savings… so nice of them to optionally bundle one flashlight with the package for only $59.99 extra :lol:

Something tells me that if you purchased that many batteries at once you’d be put on some type of watch list and guys in suits would show up for an investigation.  Hopefully they would leave after you told them you were afraid of the dark, and didn’t want to risk running out of batteries for your EOtech or your one new SureFire G2.