epic meal time

Agggaagughaahguhah TO DA CHOPPA:

Arnold-Schwarzenegger-Predator-MusicalQuite an epic collab.  Hell yea an M47 Patton tank #AMERICA.  Those ostrich eggs are trill.

Thoughts?  U mad Arnold has a tank in California and you need a bullet button and a dumb looking stock? :P


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Good acting, no CGI, and better makeup than The Walking Dead:

Disappointing that no one showed up with a shotgun to put an end to that mess. :/

Epic meal time is so awesome.

Note: Speaking of “The Walking Dead” earlier… the season 2 premiere is scheduled for October 16th!


Not as effective as a regular body armor, but much more delicious:

Maybe I’m too much of a carnivore, but most of the stuff that Epic Meal Time makes looks delicious to me.  You really can’t go wrong with bacon and other assorted meats, deep fried and mixed with cheese and Jack Daniels.


This is just too awesome:

I have to say FPSRussia really grew on me over the past little while.   You obviously have to have a sense of humor when it comes to gun safety when watching vids like this though.

They really go to town with the Deagle in the vid. hahah

Hat tip: Jeff, Kyle, Dondrey, and Adam


I liked the “raining guns part” once I got over the initial shock of seeing them hit the concrete.

The guy Freddie is with is from a YouTube channel called Epic Meal Time.  The food they make is epic, and always tens of thousands of calories.  The production value is high, and so is the humor content so I recommend you check them out.