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The gun store guys gripe about the ATF gun walking scandal:

I’m 100% behind free speech, but I think it’s priceless how openly critical these guys are of the ATF when their livelihood depends on them, and they likely deal with them and their forms dozens of times per day.  #NotASingleF**kWasGiven I suppose hahha.

The whole operation really still seems surreal to me.  A lot of people, and organizations don’t run it past a good litmus test I was taught a while back which is “Don’t do anything which you would be embarrassed to have everyone you know, read about in the paper or see on the news”.   Some solid advice for contemplating life changing decisions if you ask me.

5:00 – Condoning killing illegal Mexican immigrants as they’re crossing.   *facepalm* Yea I’m staying out of that one.  If it really was a priority the border could be sealed up as tight as the North Korea one with sentries and everything.  That’s definitely a touchy subject with a lot of people though, and even the ones that are for it probably wouldn’t want to admit it to a lot of people they know.

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