Wow, Snoop Dogg huh?  What a beacon of all that is right with the world:

Over 51 million people have a retirement portfolio that’s likely invested in guns.  Is your 401k one of them?

Snoop-Dogg-Im-UnloadingHonestly I’m too lazy to google if any of those other shitheads are hypocrites too, but they might be.

So Snoop is unloading his portfolio?  Wow, that’s really bold of him to not accept any of the royalties off his music discography too considering it’s all pro-violence / pro-gun too.  Oh wait… he’ll still continue to gladly rake all that money in? Thoughts so.

I’m sure Snoop has grown up a lot since his wild earlier days, because normally everyone does… he’s still a huge hypocrite though.

If I knew these bullshit campaigns would actually do anything to the market, I’d short all those stocks right now to make money on the way down.  Then re-buy on the way up.  There’s blood all over all the money, whether it be from guns or not.  You’re just lying to yourself if you think your portfolio is squeaky clean once you dump a few gun companies.



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