Great for sporting events and chill tactical office environments:

You can pick one up from Chris D’Adamo on Etsy for $45.  It even comes with a flask… how thoughtful.

I suggest you practice your draw and re-holster though before you take this out in public.  Alcohol abuse is a crime, you don’t want to spill any if you can help it.

I’m looking forward to the shoulder, ankle, and gun show holster versions.  A person could distribute a whole 40 oz. that way and it would be fun all around.


Hat tip: Drew


Seen on hipster paradise / craft website


So the artist used some pieces of construction paper, or painted some scrap wood to represent the duck’s pixels right?

WRONG… this is Etsy. “The character pixels are a 1/4 inch tiles made from salvaged book covers.”   Ah of course… ;)

Make sure to checkout the Duckhunt 3d Movie trailer – HERE