Everytown for gun safety

haha Everytown back at it:

People are so dumb.  Like congress is going to listen to the voicemails… and if they do they will probably crack a few cold ones and listen to idiots trip over their own words and be mad about guns.

I’m actually surprised celebs jump on this bandwagon.  I guess there is enough of them in Hollywood that believe the same thing, so it doesn’t do any damage to their career.

1:22 – Ah, so silencers would make mass shootings even more deadly.  Good to know *eye roll*.  Has Everytown figured out how to make murder MORE illegal yet?  So illegal that even criminals won’t want to do it?  Yea didn’t think so.

1:28 – Oh of course there’s opposition to concealed carry reciprocity too.  Naturally, the law abiding citizen who conceal carries a firearm for his/her own self protection is a great danger to others *extreme eye roll*.

So to recap… criminals are so scared of laws, that currently they refuse to use silencers and they really hesitate to break any carry laws.  Weakening any of these POWERFUL laws will put the entire American public at risk.  *cringe* This is all so retarded I feel like going back to bed.


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This is “humor” guys in case you didn’t know *eye roll*:

Everytown-for-gun-safety-logoPainful… just painful.  This low effort video was put out by Everytown For Gun Safety.

Sometimes I don’t even know why I bother to post crap like this, but then I realize that by showing you what a bad job most of these anti-gun groups are doing we can at least all get a bit of a chuckle.



Oh wow another “loophole”:

HowTerroristsGetInLOL where do they come up with this shit?  *smh* congress… as we know Terrorists are so concerned about the law, this would have LITERALLY stopped terrorism with guns completely.  Riiiiiiigh.

Everytown For Gun Safety is becoming more and more a parody of itself with every single campaign.  It’s pretty funny to witness.



NOooooooooooo not Jennifer Aniston and Sofia Vergara.  For celebrities, some of them sure have shitty front cellphone cameras.  My sister would hit me with a low blow “They are probably using Android phones” joke if I was having this conversation with her.  Frankly that would be accurate for the most part, as much as I hate to admit it.

I’m not sure who like 60% of those celebrities are, but now I don’t even care.

Everytown-for-gun-safety-logo1:12 – AAHHHHHH no not Nigel Barker from America’s Next Top Model.  Say it ain’t so.  *shifty eyes* I mean… uh, who is this man?  He’s a celebrity? I’ve never seen him before.

For those of you confused at the message, Everytown is sneak AF and wants to end gun violence by basically getting rid of guns.

Side not, who the hell makes 4:3 aspect ratio videos in 2015?  That’s infuriating me more than the actual content of the video tbh.



If Everytown (and all those other bozos did that), the world would be a better place.

This again.  Guns aren’t allowed in most schools and college campuses now, so that obviously means there are no guns, and nothing bad has ever at those places right?  OH WAIT A SECOND… *smh* I’m not going to pull up a list and copy pasta because I’m not about that negativity, and you guys know the locations and casualties in those particular “gun free zones” anyway.

NRA-LogoI’m not into politics, but in Wayne LaPierre’s defense a lot has changed a lot since ’99, and I’m NOT JUST TALKING HIS HAIRLINE.  *shots fired*.  After I wrote that just now, I was like “I wonder if WayLa has Twitter so I could get at him with that fire tweet about his hairline?”…. I hit up the search and the greatest parody account ever popped up “Lil Wayne LaPierre“, which basically has a lot of gun related rap tweets, some of which are extremely tongue-in-cheek.  My Thursday night = made.