My name is ENDO-Mike, and I’m a jerky addict:



Well not really an addict, but I’ll jump at the chance to try any different type of jerky anyone wants to feed me.  As you can see above the meats are interesting to say the least, so when Jerky Dynasty asked me if I wanted to try some out I told them to send me the biggest pack they had.   I had never eaten ostrich, alligator, antelope, or kangaroo before so I didn’t know what to expect.  They were delicious!  I wrote down my thoughts on a few of the meats:

  • Ostrich – nice and moist, not too salty, great flavor, and just the right amount of sweetness
  • Kangaroo – really great flavor the perfect amount of salt
  • Duck – it was sweet because of the brown sugar. Really good flavor.
  • Antelope – tasted like wild meat. Really good flavor again and a bit of spice
  • Hickory Smoked elk flat one (not stick) – great flavor, subtle amount of smoke not overpowering
  • Honey ham natural hardwood smoke (stick) – delicious, sweet and subtle smoke


29 jerkies, almost all done… well that escalated quickly LOL.

If I had to pick sticks or strips, in the future I’d pick sticks because they are more moist… moister? (Is that a word?) Anyway… both of taste great, especially good snack when I paired them with some smoked cheddar I had on hand.

If you’re looking to treat yourself or even your dad this father’s day head over to Jerky Dynasty and check out their selection.

Packing some of these when your hunting would not only satisfy your hunger but also motivate you to bag your own delicious animal.


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Uncontrolled derp burn:

Lucky the whole forest didn’t get burned to the ground.  Probably would have if the wind was stronger.

That Al Green Love & Happiness sample / beat in the background of the vid was hot. Twista – Do Wrong (Feat. Lil Kim) is the joint if you want to add it to your playlist.

Egypt-Shotgun-Hulls-On-FingersThoughts? Anyone have any bad experiences like that with dragons breath or other exotic loads?

Hat tip: Smooth Operator


I was contacted by Matt Collins, the owner of this collection (on a previous post) where I had this picture up:

In the post I mentioned how I had no idea what most of the ammo was, and it just so happens he has a page up at AR15.com (HERE) naming each one individually.

To get and idea of their relative size, the pic below is nice too:

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