Rebel’s gonna explode:

The primary source for doctored ammunition has been the Syrian government, which mixes exploding cartridges with ordinary rounds on the black markets through which rebels acquire weapons, the commanders said.

Check out the full story over at the New York Times.

Interesting practice.  If this has been going on in all sorts of wars for as long as they say it has been, I wonder if there’s any risk shooting the military surplus ammo we all know and love?  My guess is not, considering I’m not hearing about someones AK or Mosin Nagant blowing up daily.  Kind of makes me uneasy though.

That dudes fingers are gnarly.  I’m guessing that giving someone the “middle finger” isn’t considered offensive in that part of the world, because if it is, that guy better watch who he waves that right hand at.



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We have the last laugh:

That Elmo thing is actually pretty funny (in small doses), my sister has one.  They should have waited to shoot him when he told he told a story.  For that, he half sits down and crosses his one leg over the other, it’s pretty awesome.

There are actually quite a few “shoot Elmo” videos up on youtube. More than I thought there would be anyway haha.

Hat tip: Ryan C.


M-1000s are hardly dynamite by the traditional definition, but seeing as they got them from China town, they might have more than the usual amount of explosives in them.

Doesn’t look like those hipsters will be surfing the web for indy music, ironic t-shirts, and raybans anymore with that mac.


Atlanta, GA – Boutte fired up the stove at his College Park home around 3:30 a.m. Saturday — heating up the .40 caliber Smith & Wesson along with it, a police report said.

While the food was cooking, the weapon’s magazine started to melt in the gun well, the police report said.

This caused the spring – and bullets – to come out of the magazine.

The bullets started going off like popcorn.

Full Story – HERE

I guess someone didn’t see the following Mythbusters episode:



By gluing on magnum rifle primers!

Pretty awesome upgrade for the low price of primers, if all you have for a gun is an air rifle.

I wonder if you need to shoot at a hard surface to set it off, or if small varmints would cause the primer to ignite as well? :grin:  I know some primers are pretty sensitive.

I wish I would have known about this upgrade as a kid back in my daisy air rifle days.

A YouTube demonstration:


The pellet used in the video is a .22 pellet, with the open end of the primer facing forward.

I don’t know if “regular” .177 caliber pellets would work as well. The small rifle magnum primers may be too big. I don’t reload, but I’m sure smaller primers are available if needed.


For those of you that didn’t get your fix of bomb disarming in the movie The Hurt Locker or old MacGyver episodes:

The Danger Bomb Alarm Clock is the answer!

How it works:

  • A minute before the alarm is set to go off, the clock starts beeping.  You need to defuse it by unplugging the correct wire according to the colored LEDs on the front.
  • If you ignore the beeping long enough, once the clock reaches 10 seconds it will count backwards in Japanese, and if it reaches zero and you were unable to disarm the bomb
  • KABOOOOOM have fun listening to a loud exploding nose over and over.


Sounds like a good idea in order to get a person out of bed in the morning.  After watching the youtube video, I think disarming the bomb and waking up would be a far better option than listening to that obnoxious explosion over and over.