Arnold-Schwarzenegger-Predator-MusicalIf you have 32 minutes to kill or want something cool to put on in the background.  I skipped through it, but the video really makes me want to re-watch some of those movies again.

Do you have a favorite explosion?

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Black-Powder-Black-PowerAs you can see the quality of the video is terrible.  It’s funny to hear their non-chalant reaction though.  Nothing like KB’ing guns and drinking beer in the desert.  #Merica


Gat tip: SayUncle


Larry blows it up:

Larry-Vickers-The-LAVCould have used more of his trademark ad-libs haha.  I love how Larry came into the game with an expensive camera.  That’s some boss Delta force operator shit, you can keep your gopros.



KABOOM. Proof that you need to pay attention when you shoot:

Not only when you’re shooting, but also to the general state of the firearm since you last shot it (if its been a while).  It only takes a couple seconds to give it a quick once over, and could save you a lot of pain.

I hope a lot of the pictures in the video, didn’t end up hurting people as bad as one think when you see something like that. The pictures of the injuries we do see in the video definitely are not pretty.

AR-15-Kaboom-1Thoughts?  Anyone have any shooting injuries they sustained, which could have easily been prevented?

Hat tip: Krystian


Expensive and dangerous. For the impatient, the explosion is at the end:

In the comments they say it must have been an out of battery discharge.

Any of you guys ever had a gun explode into pieces on you?  Accidental or otherwise…

Hat tip: Kev



The best is seeing a persons reaction to such an occurrence. It’s always the same, they check to make sure all their fingers are still there and that there are no holes anywhere else in them.