Everyone else goes big, Taofledermaus the contrarian goes little:

tannerite-binary-explosive-targetNot bad.  Seems like a slightly more exciting / a bit more costly version of when guys put baby powder in balloons and shoot them.

I couldn’t do videos like his because I always assume EVERYTHING that’s cool is illegal.  Like that little claymore mine they attempted for instance.  Can you mix binary explosives with other random stuff intended as shrapnel? *shrug* I don’t know, and I’m not willing to read boring laws for days in order to still not quite be sure.


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This is next level / neva been done befo’:

The technology used for this experiment was invented by Dr. Shigeru Ito. A professor emeritus, at the University of Kumamoto (Current principal at Okinawa National College of Technology).  The experiment in this spot was all conducted by the staff of the Pulsed Power Japan Laboratory which took place at their lab.  For the sake of safety, simulated explosives were used for some scenes.

Richard-Ryan-Deagle-T-ShirtI don’t know enough about the physics behind this all to know if this is actually real.  If it is something which really can be done, that’s pretty damn cool… expensive, but cool.

I can’t believe the Japanese beat us in the internally liquified fruit race… how embarrassing. heheh

Richard Ryan should try this out with some of his fancy explosives and film it with his fancy cameras!  It’s even begging for Mattv2099 to come full out of retirement and do Fruit Assassin episodes solely based on this method.




Richard Ryan with the .50 and plastic explosives:

Richard-Ryan-ENDORed ring of death is right.  haha at “The government regulates cameras capable at filming over 1million fps”… of course they do.  Ban assault cameras!

I’ll say it again but it’s so awesome how much better everything looks in slow motion.  The C4 definitely did over expose the video footage up close at the 1Million FPS though as he called.



DemolitionRanch does a couple experiments:

Surprising results!  I wish he would have done the tests on meat rather than a cinderblock.  That binary explosive arrow was cool.

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO-Builders-ClubIt’s like a poor-mans exploding assault arrow I blogged about a while back.



In this case, tree removal:

tannerite-binary-explosive-targetYea, chainsaws are cool… but not as cool as that.  I hear binary explosives also work great if you need to change a tire, empty an above ground swimming pool, remove a wasp nest… the possibilities are endless.



Demolition Ranch puts the lead sauce on some explosive packs:

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO-Selector-SwitchPretty cool looking.  Since I suck at shooting clays the entire field would be littered in unscathed explosive packs just taunting me.  I’d put my tail between my legs and recollect them, or else snap, walk out into the field and point blank blast everyone of them just to call it even.  The targets he’s using are by Last Man Standing.

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