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The Washington Post delivers:

The Glock with a 33-round magazine is the weapon of maximum utility. You can load it on Sunday and shoot it all month. (Nobody wants to reload a gun while being shot at.) It’s light and easy to control. You don’t have to carry it or conceal it; it’s under the bed or in the drawer until needed. When the question arises of who needs an extended magazine, the answer is: the most defenseless of the defenseless.

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The media would definitely dub this an evil “Assault Nagant”

This conversion was done on a Finnish m27 in order to increase the rifle’s capacity from 5 to 20 rounds.  There is no information provided on whether the magazine is detachable.

History of the Mosin-Nagant – HERE

Finnish m27 information and picture source – MosinNagant.net


Tired of being able to shoot 33 rounds with your 9mm but not with your .45?

Now you can buy a capacity upgrade kit for your G21 mags from KRISS which will up your magazine round count to 30.

KRISS Super V MagEx G30 Glock 21 Extension Kit 1


The upgrade kit is available for $35.95 – HERE

A pre assembled G21 mag and upgrade kit are available for $66.95 – HERE

G21 mags are around $20 most places now, so if your considering this you could save yourself some money by just buying the upgrade kit from KRISS and the mag elsewhere.