*sound of hood rejoicing*

Hi-Point-As-Seen-By-WorldOk ok, I first saw it and was like “Why does it have that weird backwards-knee-arrival-movie-alien-looking design?”  I still don’t really know why, but I’m sure it has something to do with the way the thing feeds into the gun with whatever Hi-Pointy spring they are using.  A quick google search shows other extendos for the Hi-Point though, which definitely aren’t bent AF. Do they think the bend just looks cool? Ergonomics maybe haha?

Anyway, the company which makes these is called RedBall Sports, and they sell them for $25.


Gat tip: Mike


Oh lawwwwwwwd:


*smh* this is getting bad.  LOL

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Making Mattv2099 and Stitches proud:

Mattv2099-High-Capacity-Assault-Magazine-GlockAhaha, the guy who made that is a game animator.  Apparently that gun is the “Kimono” from Battlefield: Hardline.  God, when people talk about video games I feel like a 95 year old.  Same with SnapChat, although I’m a buying into snapchat a bit more after today.  Went to my barber today to get my fade right and she was explaining snap chat and was like “I’ll show you”… so she pulls it up and is like “Ok, so my friend just sent me this one and if you click it it brings up the video”… she clicks it and it’s her friend shaking her bare boobs around.  “I was like Uhhhh cool, well I’m sold!… What’s her ID on there tho? :D”

Speaking of Stitches and extendos… he dropped a new vid last week called “Dan Bilzerian”, which is completely ridiculous and terrible.  It has some clips in there of Dan and I was thinking there is just no way he endorsed this trainwreck.  Sure enough, he must not have because the video dropped off the channel shortly after.  Well thankfully someone saved it, and you can check it out here if you need your blood pressure raised, and your faith in humanity knocked down a few notches.


Gat tip: Matthew


Gunwebsites has lots of guns and accessories to show off… here’s extendos on everything:

Stitches-RapperNo reason not to own extendos.  A couple reasons not to carry them.

Probably one of the funniest things I remember from Instagram was that PHLster made up an actual kydex extendo holster for Stitches to make fun of him for the “BITCH I GOT EXTENDOS” line in his rap video.