Hm!  Apparently not illegal?!:

Full Story – NBC CT

I’m no FAA / federal firearms lawyer, but I don’t see how that’s legal.  I thought anything to do with a mechanical trigger pull was absolutely illegal.  Someone fill me in on what I’m missing please. The original video is here if you want to check it out.

Austin Haughwout, The 18 year old kid who made this is apparently an Engineering student at Central Connecticut State University.  I love how the article and video talk about how he made the drone with “revenue from a previous viral video”.  When it said that I was like “OH SHIT what kind of cake are we talking here?!”  PFFFFFT $1500.   Like why even mention that in the story?  Oh and he will use the revenue from this viral video to fund his next project.  A regular Nikola Tesla, this kid…

Thoughts?  Do you see Austin ducking the law on this?

Gat tip: @9Minded

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