fab defense

Oh man… like I said, SO EXTRA LOL:

fab-defense-podium-ar15Wow, even the name is embarrassing… “the podium”.

0:24 – Well that looks like a hazard and a half for mag changes. *smfh*

Polenar Tactical getting that Israeli monaaaaaay $$$$.  But at what cost…. at what cost…? (said 2x for emphasis). Hopefully they didn’t get paid in podiums? ahhaha.

You can read more at FAB Defense… just make sure you don’t have any coffee in your mouth before you click that link. Oh whee, they make an AK-47 one apparently too.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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LMAO…  I wish this were just a prototype trollcessory:


The TacticSkin Slide Cover is an Unprecedented Revolutionary Upgrade for Your Glock Handgun.

Providing You with the Ability to Customize your Glock slide Visibility while Allowing Enhanced Tactical Performance and Versatility.

(Fab Defense – Source)


LOL “unprecedented revolutionary upgrade”…. “Allowing Enhanced Tactical Performance and Versatility”… oh god I’m dying over here LOLOL.

Gaston Glock is alive and kicking… but if he ever sees this I’m sure he will die, roll over in his grave, then resurrect and burn FAB Defense to the ground.

If you have a shooting buddy who buys one of these, I think it’s time for an ultimatum “Me or the tactical derp cover, your choice.”.  Who needs friends who think this is a good idea anyway?

The price?  It doesn’t say, but who really cares? Even if they were giving them away, the space it would take up in my garbage can is worth too much.