The trials and tribulations of YouTube trollfessional Mattv2099:

Mattv2099-Run-Guns-ENDO-ApparelEven though these were fails, it was still funny to see some of the accidents and what not.  That oil kitchen fire could have been bad.  Same with that pot boiling over on to an element like that.

I can’t wait to see what kind of new trolls Matt delivers in the future.


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Taofledermaus shares some of his fails:

Egypt-Shotgun-Hulls-On-FingersInteresting commentary and demos regardless.  I like how these guys do even the most ridiculous viewer suggestions.

I wouldn’t call that carrot one a fail.  Ban assault carrots!



MAC bought himself a shitty birthday gift:

OMG from the get go this video was one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever seen.  Internally I was screaming “CHAMBER THE DAMN ROUND KSG! CHAAAAAAAAMBER IT!”.  I’m not an aggressive person but would have whacked that thing hard across a tree almost immediately, and never touched it again.  I don’t have time for bullshit like that.

Kel-Tec-KSG-Bullpup-Shotgun3:46 – Wow that welt from the ejected shells is pretty bad

4:27 – LOL gauze and duct tape tactical fix appears.  Too bad he didn’t have black gauze.

0/10 – Would NOT operate with.



Behold the “CZ 455 Varmint Tacticool”. Ugh… CZ, how bush league:


$522 USD over at CZ for something clearly called what it isn’t.

You just know the dad-age marketing guy’s 14 year old nephew put him on to the term “tacticool”.  He thought it was “hip” and would “jive” with the youth who shoot, so he ran with it.  Yea those are terms that I picture nerdy dads using.

Where is the quad rail? Shoulder thing that goes up? High capacity assault clip capability? Canted red dot mount?  Barometer? Wind meter? Vertical fore grip? Multiple laser beams? Glock mount? Bottle opener? GPS?

Whoa Whoa… hold up; last paragraph:

with a gentle butt hook to provide excellent control.

Gentle butt hook?      Pause.

Tactical As _ _ _ _ T-ShirtThoughts?  I know some of you guys just want to get that gentle butt hook.   You’ll have to turn to Craig’s List unfortunately, because CZ doesn’t offer that service separately.

Hat tip: Jerry


Fails start at 0:33:

As you can see girls were singled out in the video, because some guys think it’s funny to potentially hurt a girl on camera and put it up on YouTube.  Yea sure it’s pretty funny when no one gets hurt… but you could just end up turning her off of guns for life if a stunt like that goes awry.  Whoever lets their friend / wife / girlfriend pull the trigger without properly preparing them, or showing them proper stance or grip needs get a mandatory .50 scoping.

Joe-Biden-Finger-PointIf you some how haven’t heard Biden’s double barrel shotgun advice make sure to check it out, and listen to FXhummel’s song on the topic while you’re at it too.

Oh yea, and looks like someone in Virginia Beach VA took Biden’s advice last Saturday and guess what?  He’s being charged with reckless handling of a firearm.  Who would have thought?! *eye roll*



Oh wait never mind, just a dumbass pretending it’s one:

I always examine this type of video closely because it just seems too stupid to be true.  I really don’t think this one is fake, but I could be wrong.

I wonder what type of injuries he sustained from this little demo? He should have just got a Beretta Revolver Shotgun.

Any of you guys ever get someone to hold your beer while you tried this out? The weekend is coming up if you haven’t.. just saying.